I’ve Become Something Like That… #aros

Have you seen the hoarding outside?

Hanging somehow with the threads,

Tentacles being cut and swaying around,

Misaligned with the plot, lost the treads.


I’ve become something like that.


Somehow surviving the scorching heat,

Fading and losing its own bits and pieces,

But cannot complain, complain against whom?

So just endures the pain and the teases.


I’ve become something like that.


A rain comes, slashes hard, wipes the dust,

Feels like someone caring has come,

But that too torments and leaves finally,

And it ponders on what it has become.


I’ve become something like that.


But at the end blowing air is the only friend,

And it learns to wave as per its order,

Waves come and go, new ones befriend,

The hoarding knows it is bound by border.


I’ve become something like that.


Instant Connection… #aros

Recently I was chatting with a friend of mine, for the first time, and I felt like I know her since pretty long time. The comfort zone between us was inexplicable.

At times you feel such connection with some people. You meet them very first time and you feel the instant connection. You feel like this is the friend I was searching. You come across so many people day in and day out, but there are only few with whom you feel this Instant Connection. And I term it as,

“Love at first sight in Friendship”

Yes. Love at first sight in friendship. I do come up with such phrases every now and then. I should get this phrase patented now 🙂

The point being, you do come across some people and you feel why they weren’t in our world before?? At times the connection felt is so strong that you feel like sharing your feelings with them. And they in turn do the same too.

If someone has felt this ever, please cherish it. These are the small joys which we need in our lives to make it more lively and happening. And if someone has not come across this feeling, hang on for some time; you will also come across such person with whom you will feel “Love at first sight in Friendship”. I have been blessed with some certain friends.

Human Mentality… #aros

Do you remember, when you were small kid, your mother used to tell you, “Don’t go near to gas burner, that will burn your hand”?

But still you drifted towards burner, blinding your mother or parents; just to see what actually happens if you touch the burner. Most of the times your parents were vigilant about your movements and they avoided the evitable. But somehow you might have succeeded into getting to touch the burner and once you experienced that, you never went near to try again.

That’s “Human Mentality” for you.

This similar example applies in various aspects of life. You are banned from doing some things or rather denied to do certain things which you wanted to enjoy. Like,

  1. I grew up in a town where talking to a girl on road was a big issue and gossip for the whole town. While in cities like Pune, Mumbai; talking with girls was never an issue, neither with parents nor with society. So whenever we used to go to Mumbai or Pune, we used to stare at girls and guys from Mumbai never used to do that.

When thought about it, I came to know, it’s the same theory. Deny something and heart aches for that thing more. Had we been given chance to interact with girls, we wouldn’t have felt the increased heart beats. It could have been a normal phenomenon.

  1. Another example can be given is that of companies in India. Blocking services like gtalk and yahoo chat. Companies always give an explanation saying chatting reduces efficiency. I seriously don’t think so.

Given a chance to, for how long a person can chat, collectively for maximum of 1 hour in a day, according to me. Everyone has deadline and understands how much time s/he should dedicate to social bonds. Nowadays, people have tremendous work pressure and to relieve of that pressure one needs some distraction.

And I think, denying someone something only aggravates the craving for that particular thing. Allow people to have some social connection and at the end of the day, you will come to know that productivity hasn’t declined.

It’s basic human nature. A person can’t focus for more than 2-3 hours at a stretch. Frankly speaking, 2-3 hours a day is also a lot of expectation. So taking boredom out of work place will be helpful and productive also.

Give people what they crave for and automatically after some time, the attraction fades and its optimum usage starts.

Shameless Bastard…

“What’s your problem if I am ready to stay here alone”?? She asked to her son, with tremendous pain in her eyes.

Her husband has passed away some years back and she painstakingly brought up her only child amidst all the problems. She educated him to the extent of making him able to get a well paying job in US. He later got married and settled in US. But his mother was not willing to leave India, as she has all the attachments with this place. Her lifespan with her husband was attached with this place. Every possible remembrance she has, she has of this place. So she decided to stay back in India and she did.

Her son after getting married applied for Green Card and became permanent citizen of US. He bought a big house there and then bought a lavish flat in India where his mother used to stay. She made more and more friends. She used to go to social gatherings in the garden of her apartment; she used to play with kids playing in there. Everything was going as she wanted it to. Her son used to come to India in vacations and go back in a month or so. She used to cherish every moment of their stay. Her son tried to convince her to come to US with them, but she used to deny every time. She had her own reasons.

One fine day, son’s wife decided to bring her statement out in front of everyone, which was being discussed in her bedroom only.

She asked her mother in law, “you either come with us to US or vacate this house and we will enroll you to old age house. This flat has huge value tag, it can be sold for around 70-75 lakhs. So please decide now only, before we leave for US.”

It was a shock for her. She looked at her son expectantly for some support, but he had already caved in to his wife. She saw the shame in his eyes, the denial to support her and she was devastated from inside. Her whole life flashed in front of her. 9 months of bearing him in her womb, every single day of his illness, the financial penury she endured to teach him, making her heart rock solid to allow him to go to US and tears rolled down her eyes. Not believing her son’s behavior and his coldness towards herself, her heart broken into million pieces. She mourned her husband’s death that time the most. Because she didn’t have time to mourn his death, as she had a son to bring up, the same son who bailed out on her now.

She decided to keep mum, nodded in affirmative and went in her room. The shameless son and his victorious (?) wife went in their room, much content with the outcome, oblivious to the real outcome.

In the night, when everything was silent as dead, the watchman sitting down at the entrance gate of apartment, heard a big thud sound and was surprised. He came running towards the origin of sound and found her lying in bloodshed. She had jumped off 11th floor, from her balcony, after going through numerous of such incidents, like one that happened that day. She couldn’t bear the thought of staying in old age house. Moreover she couldn’t bear the thought of her son betraying her and not supporting her.

The watchman went running towards flat 1101. He told the situation to her son. Her son gave him some money and packed the bags immediately and left for US, without even cremating his mother’s body, without even doing the last rituals.

This is a real story and nothing of this story is cooked up. This has happened in the apartment pretty close to where I lived. I seriously pity the mother who committed suicide, her all efforts to make her son able and a good person bore no fruits. Her “Sanskar” have gone down the drainage. I can’t imagine what she might have gone through from the moment she nodded affirmative and she jumped off the balcony. And I don’t wanna even think of it. May her soul rest in peace and may God take her good care, because her shameless son wasn’t able to.

Disclaimer: This is a real story, but I have purposefully not disclosed the location and city.

एहसास… A Realization…

बारिश की भूखी धरती से पूछो, 
उन पहिली बूँदों की क़ीमत क्या है, 

धूल से लतपत उन पत्तोंसे पूछो, 
बारिश में धुलने का मज़ा क्या है, 

हर उस छोटे बच्चे से पूछो, 
माँ की नज़र चुराके भीगने का मज़ा क्या है, 

मन में उठी उन हजार उमंगोंसे पूछो, 
प्रियतम संग भीगने का मज़ा क्या है, 

जाओ उन प्यासी निगाहो से पूछो, 
उसकी भीगी पलके देखने का मज़ा क्या है, 

Live in Present – What it means… #aros

Live in Present” – is the most overrated statement we make, according to me. What exactly do you mean by live in present?? We all live in the backdrop of future. Whatever we do is pertaining to our future. I feel we have taken Live in Present statement to a wrong direction.

Let us consider some examples for deciding how you want to live.

  1. You earn Rs. 30,000 per month and with various loan repays, ultimately you get, suppose, Rs. 15,000 in your hand. Would you simply “live in present” and go on a purchase spree?? Without considering your future pay outs and plans??

I guess the answer will be NO. You have future responsibilities and liabilities which need to be fulfilled. And if you simply live in present without thinking of future and spend those 15,000 completely, your future is bleak.

  1. Consider you are bored with your job so much that you want to quit the job and go on some long tour to some exotic place. Even considering that you have means to fulfill the dream of going on 2 month long vacation; will you consider quitting your job seriously?? The answer again will be NO.

Again thinking of your future, your family and responsibilities, you can’t just quit the job unless you find some other earning source.

I think “Live in Present” has a different meaning. It means, without worrying too much about future (which in no way means, don’t take care of future). In fact it means enjoy the current moment, cherish it keeping in mind what you want to be your future.

So “Live in Present” is actually a controlled effort to make most of your present without ruining your future 🙂

India – A Tribute To Ancient India…

I and another friend of mine (Aditya Ghate) recently read a wonderful book named *The Six Glorious Epochs of Indian History*  by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, an ignored but a very bright freedom fighter. After reading that book, Aditya was inspired to write a beautiful poem. I am hereby presenting his poem. And I on his behalf dedicate this poem to Mother India and Veer Savarkar.

वंदितो तुजला हे भरत भूमी वत्सला
तव कीर्तीने सारा अंतरीक्ष व्यापला
शीतल तव मायेने चंद्र नभी लाजला
प्रखर तुझ्या तेजाने सूर्य हि ओशाळला ||

तुझिया समृद्धीने यवन- म्लेंच्छ भारला
पाशवी दुराचारी सशस्त्र तो सरसावला
रण चंडिके प्रसन्न हो प्रचंड यज्ञ पेटला
स्वातंत्र्यार्थ तुझिया अखंड हिंद झुंजला ||

ग्रीक शक-कुशाण हूण मोंगल हि ध्वस्ताला
दिव्य यज्ञकुंडात जणू दुष्टात्मा भस्मला
प्रणांजली देऊनी हिंदू धर्म वर्धीला
त्यापरी अटकेवर भगवा डौलाने फडकला ||

धन्य जीव माझा, ह्या आर्याभूमित जन्माला
उपकृत झालो मी, त्रिवार नमन तुजला
तेव तव वृद्धीन्गतो, हाच ध्यास लागला
तुझिया कामी यावे, आशीर्वचन दे मला ||

By Aditya Ghate


Submitted to 3WW

Today’s 3 words – Evident, Illusion, Tragic


Things for one are pretty evident,

For others it might be an illusion,

It’s tragic that we don’t honor both


Glass half filled is evident,

Illusion as it may be seen,

But seeing it as half empty is tragic


Neighborhood… #aros

She took her hands to eyes and tried to swipe them off water trickling down. Some issue I guess made her lose control and cry. The neighboring lady immediately came outside and tried to console her. This lady was sobbing, so as not to attract the passing by people’s attention. The neighboring lady sensed her exposure to road and tried to cover her by standing in front of her. So that people don’t see her wet eyes.

I guess that’s what neighbors are for, to assist you in your good and bad times, to make your sufferings much bearable. In today’s world when we don’t know who our neighbors are this act by that lady moved me. Being in outskirts of Bangalore and it being kind of village only, this act was not utterly surprising but nevertheless it made me happy. Happy to see humanity still alive.


Never Again… #aros


Never again, will we see our childhood,

Jumping with the joy and crying for things,

Running behind butterflies, playing in mud,

Behaving as if, we are the only kings,


Never again, will we see our adult age,

The love, the responsibilities and the rage,

You work like donkeys and earn heaps,

Where you feel like a free bird in the cage


Never again, will we see our old age,

Memories cross linked, identities confused,

Vicinity to grand children, joy of acceptance,

Some lie in the sorrow of being refused


Never again, will we see a person gone,

Whether from our lives or even the World,

Memories stay, photos fade, life continues,

Dairies fill with life and pages are curled


Never again, will we see the time passed,

Minutes gone by and seconds unused,

Every time we see hands at same place,

But the days and years are confused