Live in Present – What it means… #aros

Live in Present” – is the most overrated statement we make, according to me. What exactly do you mean by live in present?? We all live in the backdrop of future. Whatever we do is pertaining to our future. I feel we have taken Live in Present statement to a wrong direction.

Let us consider some examples for deciding how you want to live.

  1. You earn Rs. 30,000 per month and with various loan repays, ultimately you get, suppose, Rs. 15,000 in your hand. Would you simply “live in present” and go on a purchase spree?? Without considering your future pay outs and plans??

I guess the answer will be NO. You have future responsibilities and liabilities which need to be fulfilled. And if you simply live in present without thinking of future and spend those 15,000 completely, your future is bleak.

  1. Consider you are bored with your job so much that you want to quit the job and go on some long tour to some exotic place. Even considering that you have means to fulfill the dream of going on 2 month long vacation; will you consider quitting your job seriously?? The answer again will be NO.

Again thinking of your future, your family and responsibilities, you can’t just quit the job unless you find some other earning source.

I think “Live in Present” has a different meaning. It means, without worrying too much about future (which in no way means, don’t take care of future). In fact it means enjoy the current moment, cherish it keeping in mind what you want to be your future.

So “Live in Present” is actually a controlled effort to make most of your present without ruining your future 🙂


14 thoughts on “Live in Present – What it means… #aros

  1. I agree totally. The statement is totally overrated. I never found a person who can live ‘absolutely’ in present. Everyone has something to think about before they can go on with their own dreams and aspirations.
    Excellent analysis of “live in present”. The line indeed means “worrying less” but does not mean “forget the future and do not plan for it”.


  2. Shubhi says:

    hmmm… nice article.. aptly said .. Live in Present ~ which in no way means, don’t take care of future !! That says it all 🙂


  3. I totally agree wid you that “Live in present” is a cliche. Most of the time when people use it when they don’t want take efforts to think about consequences of their actions, ppl who love to avoid difficulties in life. Most of the time we only want Short term benefits, So we don’t think about long term Consequences.


    • Exactly… that’s my point. Keeping long term benefits in mind and enjoying every moment of present is what we need to do. Why to live on snap judgement?? I have a friend, who recently left the job without opting for other job. He at first thought he’ll find some good job and will enjoy this time in between two jobs… but now he is screwed like anything.

      Thank you for taking out some time and commenting on my post 🙂
      Looking forward to more insightful comments from you 🙂


  4. Agree with you that living in the present, does not mean ignoring the future. I perceive it as enjoying each moment as it comes everyday and later not regretting having lost that moment.


    • Exactly… enjoy the present moment but without blinding yourself for the future 🙂

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  6. Dr. Sangeeta Ajay says:

    Incidently I happened to read your post. Indeed thought provoking. I beleive to live in present is to be open minded n alert enough for all your actios so that u would not repent for any of your actions. For future one should be a little concerned though coz that wudbe the present after some moments….


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