Human Mentality… #aros

Do you remember, when you were small kid, your mother used to tell you, “Don’t go near to gas burner, that will burn your hand”?

But still you drifted towards burner, blinding your mother or parents; just to see what actually happens if you touch the burner. Most of the times your parents were vigilant about your movements and they avoided the evitable. But somehow you might have succeeded into getting to touch the burner and once you experienced that, you never went near to try again.

That’s “Human Mentality” for you.

This similar example applies in various aspects of life. You are banned from doing some things or rather denied to do certain things which you wanted to enjoy. Like,

  1. I grew up in a town where talking to a girl on road was a big issue and gossip for the whole town. While in cities like Pune, Mumbai; talking with girls was never an issue, neither with parents nor with society. So whenever we used to go to Mumbai or Pune, we used to stare at girls and guys from Mumbai never used to do that.

When thought about it, I came to know, it’s the same theory. Deny something and heart aches for that thing more. Had we been given chance to interact with girls, we wouldn’t have felt the increased heart beats. It could have been a normal phenomenon.

  1. Another example can be given is that of companies in India. Blocking services like gtalk and yahoo chat. Companies always give an explanation saying chatting reduces efficiency. I seriously don’t think so.

Given a chance to, for how long a person can chat, collectively for maximum of 1 hour in a day, according to me. Everyone has deadline and understands how much time s/he should dedicate to social bonds. Nowadays, people have tremendous work pressure and to relieve of that pressure one needs some distraction.

And I think, denying someone something only aggravates the craving for that particular thing. Allow people to have some social connection and at the end of the day, you will come to know that productivity hasn’t declined.

It’s basic human nature. A person can’t focus for more than 2-3 hours at a stretch. Frankly speaking, 2-3 hours a day is also a lot of expectation. So taking boredom out of work place will be helpful and productive also.

Give people what they crave for and automatically after some time, the attraction fades and its optimum usage starts.


10 thoughts on “Human Mentality… #aros

  1. Shubhi says:

    That’s correct..! but then apart from chatting one can always browse something more productive that can actually help him/her in some or the other way..! chatting for a ltd time is fine… but one shudnt make it a habit to distract him/herself from work pressures.


    • Yes. I agree. Apart from chatting one can browse various productive sites. I intentionally included chatting, because those sites are blocked in Indian companies. And by distraction I meant some distraction.

      And how much can one person chat? After some time one feels bored of typing, and according to me that period is after 15-20 minutes, unless otherwise some interesting topic is there, one doesn’t indulge into more chatting.

      And making habit of distracting from work is bad. I agree.


  2. Arun says:

    Totally agree. If there is a deadline, people will work on it instead of really wasting their time. However, one needs to take out his/her concentration at intervals so that the mind can refresh. I do that a lot. If not talking/browsing, I go out for breaks. I noticed that an organization that blocks sites, has more people going out every hour or so for breaks.


    • I completely agree. Refreshment is the word. Humans try to refresh one way or other. So if you don’t get one thing to do, they will find another to kill the boredom.
      And breaks are necessary every 1 hour or so.. one cannot concentrate for more than that time.


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