Instant Connection… #aros

Recently I was chatting with a friend of mine, for the first time, and I felt like I know her since pretty long time. The comfort zone between us was inexplicable.

At times you feel such connection with some people. You meet them very first time and you feel the instant connection. You feel like this is the friend I was searching. You come across so many people day in and day out, but there are only few with whom you feel this Instant Connection. And I term it as,

“Love at first sight in Friendship”

Yes. Love at first sight in friendship. I do come up with such phrases every now and then. I should get this phrase patented now 🙂

The point being, you do come across some people and you feel why they weren’t in our world before?? At times the connection felt is so strong that you feel like sharing your feelings with them. And they in turn do the same too.

If someone has felt this ever, please cherish it. These are the small joys which we need in our lives to make it more lively and happening. And if someone has not come across this feeling, hang on for some time; you will also come across such person with whom you will feel “Love at first sight in Friendship”. I have been blessed with some certain friends.

9 thoughts on “Instant Connection… #aros

  1. Shubhi says:

    haha..i like this phrase “Love at first sight in Friendship”… it smartly includes everything… love, friendship, first sight …! well yeah..dat hapns at times with us.. even if its shortlived..! we can call it as momentary attraction too.!


    • Thank you 🙂
      But I guess you emphasised more on love part than connection and friendship. And I think once such connection is established it’s not short lived. Well, if you nourish this relation/connection, it does have capacity to go distance in friendship.

      Also, we humans just like any other animal, do have sixth sense. And at times we feel such connections. The life of such connection depends on how much you nourish it. If you nourish, it goes forward. If you don’t, it diminishes somewhere in the time.

      Momentary attractions do happen when it’s LOVE thing, what we call as infatuation. But what I am mentioning here is pretty much a friendship than Love 🙂


  2. Love at first sight in friendship had happened with me many time. In that you always feel that the friend knows you and your thoughts and understands you.


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