Intelligent… #5Lines

Lord Ganesh from Indian mythology,

Broke and set a record one day,

Of the longest and shortest,

Rotation around the World,

By gyrating around his parents

* * *

Prompted at May Challenges Prompt [Day 17: Breaking a record] and May International 5Lines Poetry Month

Be A Human… #aros

Being a man or woman,

Merely is not enough,

Being a humble human,

Is needed, but it’s tough

* * *

Problems arise a lot,

But keep the character,

Life is a testing pot,

It breaks, also applies plaster,

* * *

Dog bites you,

But you don’t bite back,

Life gives lemons to you,

Collect them and fill your sack

* * *

That sack will be useful,

Will contain all experiences,

Life will become blissful,

When you jump off the fences.

* * *