Formula of Relationship… #fib



And Us

Is Perfect

But need to ensure

That there is no “I” between “Us”



Comes in

Between Us

There cannot be Us

anymore in the relationship

Notes –

Fib : is an experimental Western poetry form, but based on the Fibonacci sequence (1/1/2/3/5/8) Traditionally that started with 6 -lines, now can be written in as many lines. The only restriction is to use the mentioned sequence as syllable count in each line.


18 thoughts on “Formula of Relationship… #fib

  1. Shilpaz says:

    Reminds me of a poem by Shridhar Moghe read a long time ago:

    Tujhi Majhi goshta, tujhya majhya madhli
    Tujhi Majhi goshta, tujhya majhya madhli…
    Tashi agdi saadhi…
    Tarihi khup vegli…

    Tujhi majhi goshta, pranamadhye vasel
    Tujhi majhi goshta, pranamadhye vasel…
    Ticha pratyek shevat..
    Ek nava janma asel.


    • Sahi… 🙂
      Masta athavan karun dilis..
      We can express better in Marathi.. and if we try to translate it in some different language, we feel the emotion will die..

      Thank you for sharing this beautiful little verse 🙂


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