Work and Productivity… #aros

Can any work be called unproductive??

I think not. Any work can’t be unproductive at all.

We call some work as unproductive because we compare them with remuneration it generates, the respect it earns and what we perceive it to be, a productive work or an unproductive one.

A work done by a sweeper might be unproductive to some, but the same work earns bread and butter for him and his family. What matters to him is feed his family and not what others think of his job.

Also at times parents or relatives, friends and acquaintance term some work we do as “Un-Productive”. For example, if one is more interested in sports or music than studies s/he is termed as doing Unproductive work. But what others do is compare the job or work to the standards and sieve them on set parameters. Whereas the person may be enjoying the work he or she is doing. For him the work is not unproductive, certainly.

It reminded me of a lecture I attended while in engineering college. One personnel from BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai) has come to our college on an invitation. While in his lecture, he said

Even a stone lying on the road has some purpose. So whenever you think, this particular thing is complete waste and has no purpose, think twice. May be the work of that stone was to warn you to look carefully while walking or driving on road, when you stumble across it.”

So there is nothing as “Unproductive work”. It’s your perception. It’s color of your glass through which you are looking at it.


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