My Mother – My World… #HMD

Why there has to be only one particular day to be called as “Mother’s Day”?

Every day should be a Mother’s day. We owe everything to our mother. Right from our birth to our first diet, to our first steps towards her, to the first words we speak from our mouth, to our school days, to our illness to our happy times to sharing of our sorrows, to making us a good human being. Every single thing in our life begins with her, or should begin with her. And the end result of every day should be to make her happy.

A human body can bear maximum up to 45 Del (Unit of measurement) of pain. But at the times of giving birth a woman bears almost 57 Del of pain. That will be equivalent to fracturing of 20 bones at one time, simultaneously.

Think what your mother has gone through while giving birth to you.

I still remember the day when after the demise of my father, how my mother forgot  mourning the death of her partner and instead smiled at me consoling me and assuring me that everything will be fine.

I still remember the time when we used to get meager Rs. 2500 as pension and how she still used to manage in that meager amount. But still never said no to my studies and stationeries I required while in school and even in college. I still am not able to understand how she managed to run a full house on such a less amount.

She has made who I am, pinching her wants and necessities just to make this world a livable place for me. I owe her this world, this universe. One can never be 100% free from his/her mother’s debts. No matter how much you do for her, she has done more than that in every aspect.

And one should not think of getting rid of her debts at all. Just give back to her the care she extended in every moment of your life. Just give back all the love she has given to you no matter how hard the circumstances were. Give back to her the satisfaction of world saying “You have made him/her a good human being”. There can’t be a better satisfaction for a mother than to listen to world saying “You have given birth to a real human being. S/He is truly a gem of a person.” That’s all she needs.

Don’t make her look down in shame when people talk of you. Nothing tears her apart than listening to World saying bad things of her children. You owe her this much at least. So be a good human being and make your mother proud.


18 thoughts on “My Mother – My World… #HMD

  1. Katrina R B says:

    “MOTHER” ~ she was my first fan… she was the only human being who gave me an “unconditional love “… Where ever she is now… I know she’s always there looking at me. I missed her a lot.
    Prasad, as I was reading ur blog, I can’t keep myself from crying.. I missed her so much. :((((


    • Well, there’s only one person on this earth who does love us Unconditionally and that’s our mother.
      Don’t worry dear.. your mother will be looking at you and will be happy there seeing you succeed in your life 🙂
      She’s always there with you 🙂


  2. Shubhra says:

    Awesome post. Loved it . Yes Mother is the only person to whom we can always reach upto when no one’s there to understand us. Beautifully written! 🙂


  3. Shubhra says:

    Awesome post. Loved it. Yes mother is the only person whom we can reach upto when the whole world fails to understands us. Beautifully written! 🙂


  4. Well written.. the sacrifices they have done for us cant and never be given back.
    as said by prophet Mohammed ” Paradise lies under the feet of your mother”, if mothers are happy even God Almighty will accept our deeds


  5. Shilpa says:

    Well written Prasad. I dont think I have other emotions than what are already expressed above, just a little something that I read:

    No gift to your mother can ever equal the gift she has given you, the gift of LIFE !

    Love her in return, thats all she would ever want from you.


  6. yes man.attributing a single day out of the year for our mother and father is not a good practise.we should love them everyday,take care of them.they have done more than enough to put us where we are today.they deserve all the love in the world. happy mothers day to your mom,for she gave us a great person in you.keep writing man.


  7. pankaj sharma says:

    by my view this is india and in india everyday dedicated to love we daily celebrate mother’s day,father’s day…….. and sure we can’t pay back what mother did,do and will do for us…..


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