Camera v/s Human Eye…

Can camera capture everything??

Whenever I go to some picturesque place and try and capture what I am seeing, only one question pops out in my mind – “Can a camera capture exactly what our eyes see”? And everything I am justified in my mind and practically too that camera isn’t and can’t replicate what your eyes see in true sense. Mind you, I am using word “True Sense”.

Yes, I know, camera is just a device where there are 3 lenses (glasses to be precise), some of which are convex and some concave which invert the images at first, which when fall on retina to create a real picture. It is exactly as your eyes see, but ask yourself one question – is it really the picture you see? Is it the EXACT thing?

Your eyes see some things, close or distant. What you see through your eyes have different perception in your brain. Your brain analyzes what your eyes see with emotional touch and your mind perceives them accordingly. So when you see a natural scenery, your mind and eyes experience them emotionally as well as physically. But the camera just captures what is in front of it.

I have always found the pictures a bit incomplete when clicked than when seen by naked eye.

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