Book Review: Kane and Abel…

This is a very enticing book. I know I am very late to read this book. But as they say, better be late than never.

While I was in a book shop in Bangalore where Jeffrey Archer was to launch his new book “Only Time will tell”, I asked the salesman there, I want to buy the new book and along with it I want to buy his another book too. Can you suggest me some good flick of his? He suggested me two books especially,

  1. Not a penny less and not a penny more, and
  2. Kane and Abel.

I went for Kane and Abel after reading “About Book”.

“This is very enticing book”, probably is an understatement. The splendid detailing of the characters is one strong point of this book. You can actually see the characters in front of you once you start reading the book. Despite the size of book, 645 pages, you don’t feel like keeping the book aside once you start reading it. The weaving of different characters and time lines is another plus point of the book. It builds the climax and keeps you waiting on one character and at the same time starts building climax of other character. And you keep guessing what will be next step and something else happens out of the blue (not on every occasion, but on some it happens for sure).

The book talks about William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovaski. One born rich and born with banking background, hence shrewd and other migrated from utter tyranny to splendid heights, back to tyranny and then to the top like Phoenix. The story is of sibling rivalry as Dan Brown has said. But the book is not just about that. It teaches us the way of life. “Life is very short to keep grudges on someone” or “You never know, the person you were thinking to be your malefactor can actually be your benefactor”. It also teaches; never cloud your view about someone just because of the rivalry. And always give other person a chance to explain themselves.

The World War II and times then have been splendidly detailed. The grace and force with which certain scenes are written made me think whether the author have gone through such a tyranny or richness to detail it so beautifully?

My simple request to anyone who has not read this book till now, “Grab a copy or rent it from a library and read this book anyhow.” One of the must read books. After reading two books by Lord Jeffrey Archer, now I know why people call him “Master Story teller” 🙂  Don’t be more late than you already are and read this book 🙂

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