सूरज या चाँद…

फिर फंस गया हु मैं उसी पशोपेश में
चाँद सूरज, सूरज चाँद
किसको ताज दूँ इस सृष्टि का

लोग कहते है चाँद देखने के लिए,
सूरज का ढल जाना ज़रूरी है,
पर सच तो यह है की सूरज से तो चाँद है
सूरज ना होता तो चाँद का वजूद क्या.

यूँ तो चाँद के कारनामे भी कम नही,
बच्चों का प्यारा, आशिक के आखों का तारा – चाँद
पर अंधेरे के बाद सवेरा दिखाता है सूरज,
हर छुपे कोने से अंधकार मिटाता है सूरज.

झिलमिलते तारों का सरताज है चाँद,
रातों का नूर और मुमताज़ चाँद
पर सूरज न होता तो फसलें न पकती
सूरज ना होता, तो रोशनी ना होती,

पर फिर वो कहते है न
कि चाँद ना होता तो आशिक़ी ना होती,

फिर फंस गया हु मैं उसी पशोपेश में
पत्तोँ के हरे होने का राज़ सूरज है,
रोमांच ताज़ा होने का राज़ चाँद है,

* * * * *
Thanks to Anuradha Sharma a.k.a. @sai_ki_bitiya for making the poem more beautiful. I wrote a raw poem and she moulded the poem into a masterpiece 🙂

Her First Flight…

It was 22nd August 2011 and a day of achievement for me, the achievement of making my mother proud of me. It isn’t that she was not proud of me previously, but the pride was visible in her eyes this time.

It was the day when my mother took a flight for the first time in her life. She was to accompany me to Delhi as we were relocating there.

She knew almost everything of the procedures we have to do once we enter airport. She got to know about them from me, when I took flight for first time. But the anxiety of doing all the things on her own revitalized her. She enthusiastically moved ahead and asked me what needs to be done and mesmerized by the grandeur and the fact that she will be flying for first time. I won’t be able to forget her glittering eyes when we just entered the plane.

While finding our way to our seats, she kept on asking me how the flight moves, about air hostesses and their job, food in flight and whether we get weird feeling in stomach while we are taking off and landing. I was very much happy to answer all the questions. I told her the feeling in stomach is little exaggerated and nothing of that sort happens much.

We took off from Pune towards Delhi. After 15-20 minutes of flight we were in clouds. I asked mom to look out of window and she was amazed to see “cotton spun” all over the sky. She kept on telling my sisters and relatives that the clouds from the window were quite a sight, how beautiful they look and all. And while saying this all, her eyes got moist and broad smile on her face.

I guess that is achievement for me. After all the hard work she has done for me over the years, I was able to bring those emotions of pride in her and I guess that’s the thing I would like to do more and more often 🙂

I have achieved a lot of things, both academically and extra-curricular. Going a little further I would also say I have garnered some good opinions about me from outsiders also, but this is the kind of feeling, this is the kind of emotion, the emotion of pride in me is something worth a world to me.