In The Alternate Universe…

Somewhere in the alternate universe,

I think my father is still there,

Old however than I have seen him,

When I last saw him, sixteen years back.

 * * *

The other universe, more advanced,

Must have found the cure for Cancer,

He must have got treated for,

And he must be living happily.

 * * *

Happily with me and my mother,

Of the alternate universe though,

But I am happy that he has sustained,

The scars of Cancer and love of fate

* * *

I find solace in the fact that,

He must be looking at me from,

A window somehow and has seen,

Me grow against all odds

 * * *

He must have seen how brave,

My mother had been without him,

To have gone through the hell,

And still come up victorious.

* * *

Today he must be telling everyone,

There in the other side,

How proud he is of his child, and

Must be showering his blessings on me

* * *

Somehow I’m not able to see the window,

Through which he is watching me,

But don’t be think God is here,

Though we can’t see him?

 * * * * *


This poem is inspired from an episode of “Fringe”. Somehow I could relate to the story the other way round. I still feel, my father is watching me from top there and showering his blessings on me.


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