Middle Class…

It’s always a rat race, with middle class. You finish one and get involved in second and the cycle continues.

You grow up in a middle class family where you see your parents just able to bring two ends together. That time you can’t have any luxurious thing for yourself. You definitely think of buying something, but at the back of your mind, Financial Constraint always looms and makes you conscious. You forget about the cravings, because you know they are touch too far from reality. You start to enjoy whatever you have.

You start earning yourself and dream of buying things which you always wanted, a high end mobile, laptop, some household stuff or car. You start enjoying first few months and then are suddenly made to realize that you need to save for your future. You think, “I need to save money for my marriage, some house hold responsibility or something more important”. You think now the responsibility is mine and I need to save for my home. Anything ranging from marriage (yes, marriages these days are very costly affairs) to other necessities bear huge price tags. You cut down on your expenses and you again reach the same starting line.

Now, at this point, you start thinking “Why am I not rich”?

But then there are various aspects to being rich, as they are for being middle class. If you are born in rich family, you don’t value the money they way one is supposed to. Especially not when rich parents consider only responsibility of theirs is to provide money to their kids. And if you are born in middle class and become rich, two things can happen.

  1. Either you understand your background and treat the bountiful a little more vigilantly
  2. Or you get into the wrong stream and start flowing the wrong way. The power of having the money at your disposal corrupts the once rational and vigilant mind of yours.

And who said there isn’t any rat race in rich classes?

It’s a different rat race, obviously, but it is a rat race. The rat race to prove they are amongst the TOP rich classes. That they can do whatever they want. That they can buy anything and everything they want. That they still can have a sound sleep, despite all the thoughts of “How to avoid tax? How to hide those extra bucks?”

Somehow I am partly happy with my middle class background and partly sad. I guess that’s the case with everyone in middle class. Though I would like to be rich, I would like to be so in first category. Earn those extra bucks but be vigilant. You might call it “Lower Rich Class” but I don’t care.

Towards making capable youth…

Yesterday I read an article in Hindustan TimesAre smart phones app-propriate for kids“, regarding “Mobile Apps” for children, or child specific apps on Tablets or Smart phones. I was partly sad and partly irritated, maybe both for the same reason. The only question loomed in my mind was “where are we heading?”

The Gen Y is smarter than Gen X when it comes to technology, it’s an agreed fact. But this smartness at what cost, is the question we should ask. When I was 3 years old I didn’t have mobile phone to play with. But nowadays a new born baby too starts playing with the mobile. This is an effect of generation gap, agreed. We were more technologically advanced than our parents were at our age, no doubt about that.

But my concern is we are taking the new generation towards “Physically Challenged” being.


Well, we are creating “Educational Apps” on tablets and smart phones in order to push the sales of smart phones up. Parents enthusiastically download the apps and their children sit hours and hours with the tablet and get Educational dosage.

But what about their physical well being, have we taken it into consideration?

When we were kids, we had small timber or plastic cubes, alphabets engraved or painted on it. We used to pile all such stuff around us and play with it. Not just identify the alphabets but also learn to build a structure. This exercise was both mentally and physically demanding and motivating. We used to run around in the house with the small bullock cart or car we had. We would take the ball and throw, run behind it on the ground. In short our body was also exercised with the brain, and THAT was healthy.

All the above mentioned activities can now be carried out by sitting at one place and staring at a screen. Where’s the body movement involved in this? Just the movement of fingers can’t be considered as body movement.

The result is we are seeing more and more obese kids around. The age in which they should be fit and fine, they are panting for breath after even a short walk or climbing 10 stairs. Ask a 3-4 year old kid to stretch out and they will fail to stretch fully. They can’t, and that’s where the problem lies.

सिर सलामत तो पगडी पचास”.

Samarth Ramdas (Shivaji Maharaj’s guru) and even Lokamanya Tilak pointed out the same thing.

What’s my point?

My point is simple. Making your child technologically sound and up-to-date is need of hour, no doubt about that. But in that don’t forget that we need to make them physically efficient too. So limit or restrict the use of smart phones/tablets by children and force them to make physical exercise.

We don’t need just Intelligent youth but capable too, to run this nation.

Incompetence in Ministry…

Sometimes I wonder, even after electing highly qualified ministers in Cabinet, or in the opposition also, why our Government and Opposition party are so incompetent? Why aren’t they able to bring some positive changes in the country?

One probable cause, amongst other myriad causes, is they forget which minister they are, they tend to forget their role more often than not. They usually interfere in the other’s authorities and the whole business gets messy.

An Agricultural Minister is supposed to concentrate on Agriculture and advances in India. Look after farmers, their well beings and increasing the crop quality and quantity so that there isn’t any supply side deficiency. But what we see is Agriculture minister contesting for ICC Chairmanship or selling Defense lands to close (in most cases, relatives) builders and opening their own factories instead of looking after the demand and supply of the whole nation. What is an Agricultural minister supposed to do in Sports or Selling of Defense Lands?

A Home Minister is supposed to look after Law and Order entire nation. Receive inputs from Intelligence and act in accordance with it. Make sure that Center and State are on the same page as far as the Law and Order is concerned. But instead the Defense Minister keeps tab on what is being said against the party member? Isn’t a Prime Minister responsible for coming out in defense of his cabinet member? In any company, a PM (Project Manager) comes for the rescue of his team member. In fact he is ONLY one who should come to the rescue if an attack comes from outside the team.

There are such myriad examples, where they wander from their duties and we are left to stand in an utter chaos. If these ministers do their job without encroaching someone else’s field, and concentrate on their own path, we can reduce the problems at least by 5-10% (if not more).

Note: – This is one probable reason why there is incompetency in the cabinet. There are so many other reasons (which people know themselves, which don’t need to spoken for, kind of open secrets) which may be responsible like

  1. Greed for money
  2. Misuse of power
  3. Some missing factors like – Shame, Moral, Ethical behavior etc
  4. Peer pressure – A minister has to accept a bribe n get corrupted even if s/he doesn’t want to because there is a peer pressure.
    1. Others also take it, so if I take in small amount, that shouldn’t be a problem
    2. Some boss sitting above, high command, wants some work done – the other way – and hence they are forcing me to accept the bribe and do the work.
    3. S/He has some dark sides which s/he needs to keep in dark and will do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

There can be umpteenth number of reasons, but have listed very few of them because of space constraint.