Who Am I???

I have ten heads,

But I am not Ravana,

I have ten thinking hats,

But I cannot think

 Ω Ω Ω

I go wherever you take me,

No questions asked,

I don’t seek for destination,

I don’t check the path

 Ω Ω Ω

They say its eyes which,

Remember the treaded path,

But it’s lesser known fact,

That only I keep the track

 Ω Ω Ω

Dragged most of the times,

Ignored by most of the lot,

But the most important part,

If you are a globe trotter

 Ω Ω Ω

I eat most of the dust,

Not that I am complaining,

But keep me clean, otherwise,

You’ll find your body ailing

 Ω Ω Ω

The more you keep using me,

The more your body will be fit,

I am that oil in the machine,

Which you should always have in kit

 Ω Ω Ω

I hope you have figured,

Who I am, by now,

And if you have guessed,

Drop a comment now…

 Ω Ω Ω

PS: *Ravana – Indian Mythological King of Sri Lanka who kidnapped Seeta, wife of Lord Rama.


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