Seriously a musical bliss. It’s spell binding and soul cheering. Thanks to “Girl on the Contrary” for this post, because of which I came to know about this band n songs…

Girl on the Contrary

The Civil Wars

Last night, I went to see The Civil Wars play live at the Paramount theater in Austin, which happens to be one of my favorite places, and once again it was STUNNING.  Some of you may remember that I first saw The Civil Wars play last July in Austin and I was put under an absolute spell by their music. Their album, Barton Hollow is an amazing album (one of my top albums of all time in fact) but to hear them live is on a completely different level of mind-blowing. After hearing them live the first time, I was positively overjoyed. After last night, I am euphoric.

Typically, I don’t like to go see the same band within months of already having seen them. I’ve found it to be disappointing because there is rarely new music and the second time just can’t compare with the ecstasy of the first…

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