To show a happy face…

There will be numerous times when you’ll be facing unpleasant instances or people. Many a times the smile on your face turns upside down. It’s very important to to keep yourself calm in such instances.

Your face is a projector of your inner emotions. If there’s turmoil inside you, it will invariably show on your face. The position of eye brows, nose, position of lips, your forehead – all will talk about what’s going inside you at that moment. Facial expressions were, since the beginning, more prolific carriers of emotions than the language. In fact before verbal language was invented, humans used sign language to convey their message. And major portion of that was made of facial expressions.

So, your face tells what’s going on inside your mind and heart. Hence while facing something/someone unpleasant, it is very important either to fake your expressions or keep your inner self calm. Keep your inner self as calm as possible, as if it doesn’t care what that instance or person has to bring to the table.

Let there be a colleague, who stabbed in your back, that you want to avoid or a some relative of yours who is as unpleasant as a crow in a love bird’s party, faking a happy facial expression for at least that moment is necessary. While saying this, I agree that it is not always possible to either avoid the person or instance or keep a happy face, but we can certainly train ourselves to do that.

My mom is not very good at maintaining happy facial expression in most of such occurrences. She is an outspoken and frank person. She exhibits the same facial expressions as her mind or heart has. Never faked a happy face, but then she has paid the price for that. In her era, being true was a very good quality. But now being very true and honest won’t get you anywhere. It’s the era thing which has changed considerably. The Kaliyug is advancing and so it’s characteristics too.

From so many instances I have learned to exhibit happy face even if heart or mind says something different. I agree that I have not been very perfect in maintaining a happy face till now, but I am evolving you see 🙂

Safar #Shair

पानी सफ़र करता है,

हवा सफ़र करती है,

मंजिल सफ़र करती है, राहें सफ़र करते है.
* * *

तोह फिर क्यूँ तनहाईयाँ,

और ये बेचैनीयाँ,

कुछ पाने की आस,

और ना मिलने का ग़म, दिलों में घर करते है?
* * *

सब कुछ तो मिला है,

और क्या पाना है?

कितने दिन ऐसेही,

मोह माया के पीछे, बेवजह झुलसना है?
* * *

जितना मिला उतने में,

जितना पाया उतने में,

अब मशरूफ रहना है,

ज़िन्दगी का मज़ा लेना है, बस सफ़र करते रहना है.
— प्रसाद.