January – The Past and Future…


To retrospect what’s gone,

To plan the upcoming,

To cherish the past and,

To expect better future,


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January reminds me of December, when I decide (firmly) to create New Year Resolution but seldom abide by it. So was the January of 2011. One winter morning in Delhi, feet mostly in socks, two layers of woolens and hot cuppa coffee in hand, I sat in the misty portico warming my brain with what resolutions I can create and follow. (I don’t have to mention it separately that most of them have gone for a toss :P)

  1. I kept a goal in front of me – To read 70 books in 2012 (I hate myself for reading only 15 😦 )

  2. Maintaining a Balance sheet of Personal expenses – I followed it for some days, but the intensity faded by the coming day

  3. Invest some amount at least in stock market – Forget about investing, I hardly had anything to even save 😦

I have managed to follow some resolutions religiously though, but not many worth a mention.

Sigh. Let it be. I think this year too in December I will create a Resolution – 2013 sheet and will try to follow it religiously 😛

The January 2011, specifically will remind me of Gurgaon. The chilly weather, fog all day long and bike rides in such a weather and the quilt I used to cover myself with to keep me warm. Also not to forget the “makke di roti and sarson da saang” – this still brings water in my mouth.

It’s almost December 2012 now. Time to look forward to January again, this time January 2013 🙂


Written for Months of the Year Challenge – Season 3

Kasab executed – Finally…

I don’t have to start with “Remember 26/11?” because the day is etched on the memories of every Indian. So finally, after 4 years of “delayed justice”, the sentence has been served and Kasab is hanged till death today (21 November 2012) at 07:30 in Yerwada jail, Pune.

Though “justice delayed is justice denied” (4 years delay is not a small thing), in the end, the culprit is punished, or rather “capital” punished. After feeding him biryanis (that’s what the news channels claimed continuously over a period of time) for all these years, giving him “fair” trials for proving himself “not guilty” (I don’t know how he or his lawyer would have achieved this, proving him not guilty, especially when he was caught red handed on CCTVs) and providing him lavish prison life (again claimed by news channels, indirectly may be), Indian Govt. finally decided to end this “worthless spending common man’s tax money” on a criminal, rather a terrorist.

I have seen some people, on social networking sites, argue that capital punishment is an uncalled for action. They might be observing a rather extreme humanitarian aspect on this issue. I would say, that extreme humanitarian aspect is also uncalled for.

In Mahabharata, Bhishma preached to Yudhishthira as to what should be his approach after the later won a rather murky and gory war against Kauravas. Bhishma told him, exercising a certain amount of danda aka punishment is absolutely necessary to keep the culprits in check. The nature and intensity of the punishment should be proportional to the sin or crime committed by the person.

Considering the sins of Kasab, capital punishment isn’t uncalled for. I would say, it is the apt punishment to a sinner like him.

One other thing which came into light after this completely “secret” and sudden hanging of Kasab. That too just 4-5 days before the 4th anniversary of 26/11. Home Minister of center and state both came out with statements, but that was after the action was carried out. The details of all the proceedings were kept completely secret and there was not a single mention of this anywhere.

Frankly speaking I am partly glad and partly suspicious about the act. Glad because the murky past has come to an end with this act. And suspicious because considering this much secrecy and no coverage anywhere of the news, this might as well be a farce to make people believe that Kasab is actually dead. Well, let me make myself clear here – I am in no way trying to say that Kasab is not dead. I too am believing that he is dead and I want him dead, so no question about that. But as I said earlier, it’s just a suspicion.

Another point is, it is stunning to see Indian government carrying out such missions/acts with such secrecy. It is good that secrecy was maintained, otherwise the media frenzy would have been difficult to contain. Forget media frenzy, there could have been obstacles of pro “Human Rights” people asking all sorts of wrong questions at wrong time.

Now coming to the last point, I don’t know whether this all was done keeping Winter Sessions in mind or not. It might be so, it might not be so, but whatever the case Congress has surely scored a brownie point by executing Kasab.

But this in no way should stop the Government of India to keep searching and punishing the real culprits of the terrorism. Because Kasab was just a pawn in all this games of Terrorism. Let’s rejoice a little over his execution and concentrate on the further task of bringing justice to such heinous acts as quickly as possible. Next time when another Kasab is born, we should not take 4 years to bring justice to the victims.

Skyfall – Movie Review…

Rating: 8/10.

The last Bond movie I saw was “Quantum of Solace”, Daniel Craig’s second movie as James Bond. I didn’t like the movie “Quantum of Solace”, especially after stellar performance by Daniel in his debut as Bond – “Casino Royale”. The previous bond, Mr. Pierce Brosnan did a fantastic job as Bond; well not quite as fantastic as Roger Moore, Sean Connery or for that matter Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig is a superb actor to portray Bond – both physically and acting wise. No doubt about that.

The recent flick of Daniel – “Skyfall”, was hyped since its first promo hit the market. I didn’t use the word “over-hyped”, just to be clear. The promos looked promising and generated the enough curiosity in the Bond lovers. It was stated on various fronts that “Skyfall” is by far THE best Bond movie, ever. Well, I beg to differ on that statement.

Skyfall has a human touch – Agreed.

Minimum use of “gadgets” has made the movie “humane”; And I think this was needed and appreciated. Overuse of gadgets and extremely unimaginative stunts have made a mess of some of the previous Bond flicks like “Die Another Day” or “The World Is Not Enough”. Some of the scenes in both the movies seems a bit too far-fetched and gadget-dependent.

Similarly, I couldn’t quite understand the plot and motive behind making “Quantum of Solace”. Not that the movie was too hopeless, but I didn’t find it too charming a Bond flick. But “Skyfall” is a good break after Quantum of Solace, in fact a much needed one.

What it means when one says “Skyfall has human touch” is, it brings out some of the human nature, mentalities to the foreground. The betrayal on one side and immense (well, not too immense, but still a good amount of) faith. The less gadgetry has made the movie very bearable and connectable. It also suggests two very important things about humans –

1. When we get a little cocky about ourselves and the surroundings, when we are not very much sure about ourselves, we tend to act much more humane. A little element of doubt, makes us humane.

2. We need to have faith in ourselves and others. Even if someone has failed, has not lived up to expectations, we should not judge him/her and brand him/her invalid and useless. Give the other person another chance and have faith in that person and see the good results.

There are some of the lacunae in the movie “Skyfall”, but I guess we can let go of some of them. The focus of the movie is on relationship of James Bond and his mentor M, and the movie has done justice with that subject. The plot is good and picturization is nice too. Some of the stunts are impeccable and immaculate, especially the bike stunt over the roofs of local bazaar and the one where Bond joins two rail coaches by a hoe.

The movie spans for 140 minutes and is a bit slow at some points. But the movie never leaves the plot or wanders anywhere. The movie doesn’t inflict boredom and that’s another plus point. Of course a Bond flick doesn’t need any other positive attribute attached to it to make it an amazing watch.