Hobson’s Choice – Daily Prompt

Hobson's Choice

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You know what’s the “real” Hobson’s Choice?

Having to choose between mother and wife is the real Hobson’s Choice.

Well I don’t know why they call it a “choice”. Because in its actuality, it really isn’t a choice. A choice is something where I can choose either of the two things without having to loose the other one. Theoretically speaking, this is not true. When you make a choice you either have to go with A or with B.

You can see many of married men (why many? Almost all of the married men who have mother) entangled in the mesh of Hobson’s Choice. A constant dilemma looms over their minds. Such a strong dilemma that their mind suddenly becomes unable to choose between two sides. If he chooses his mother’s side, nights would be very hard to pass by. On the other hand if he chooses his wife’s side, a guilt feeling makes home in the heart. He has to spend rest of his life with wife, hence taking her side makes sense. But at the same time, mother has done so many sacrifices for him that he feels mother’s words should be respected.

A wise man can manage to have a fine balance with him by strategically agreeing to both the sides, either at the same time or changing his party from time to time. But still there are certain moments when he too can’t defy the inevitable, and that’s when he is left with “Hobson’s Choice” only.


Written for Daily Prompt


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