December – Just A Pat And That’s All…

pat on back

कैसी है ये गुत्थी,
सुलझती ही नही,
जितनी बार सुलझाया,
उलझती ही रही.

दिये जलाए पथ पर,
बुझाने ये अंधेरा,
आशाए जाग उठी,
पर डरे ये मन मेरा.

एक हाथ पीठ पर,
मुस्कान दिलासा भरी,
जगमगाए दिये दिल में,
इतनी सी अपेक्षा मेरी.

* * *

This is the time when whole year has gone by. Various events happened in life – some good, some bad, some life changing or some sad. December is kind of “sleeping time” when we lie down on our bed and deliberately or unknowingly think about the day gone by. This is the month we do the “retrospection” and do the balance checks to see if your debits and credits match or not.

An year is always a mixed baggage. We can’t have a completely bad or completely good year. It has to be a mixed bag. Sometimes we might feel we are being weighed down by the wrong turns life has taken and that’s when we need a “pat on the back” encouraging us and instilling some hope in us about brighter future.

December has given me such a person who, no matter what happens with me, will always “pat on my back“. No donuts for guessing who the person is. It of course is my MOTHER. Thank you so much mom. If it had not been for you, I don’t know what would have been my existence.


Written for Month of the Year Writing Challenge – Season 3


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