April – Fool, Exams and Apocalypse…


April reminds me of “April Fool“. It wasn’t just a day, but people used to make fool of others for the entire month of April. Besides being April Fool’s month, it is used to be a month of examinations in school, even that is April Fool in a sense. You would anticipate a set of questions to come in the question paper and a complete different set of questions would stare at you from down under, as if saying April Fool.

April also reminds me of a “hoax” similar to 21 December 2012. I don’t quite remember the date, but I was in hostel, away from home, just for the preparation of 10th. One fine day, everyone started saying that one XYZ day there is going to be a flood which will submerge the whole world.

One April’s day, the

World threatened to end,

We were just fourteen,

with all the life to spend.


Staying far away from,

parents and home,

we dreaded the water,

covering the dome.


We wanted to be ready,

to face the end of the World,

be with parents,

in mother’s lap, and curled.


But that was not to be,

we were left with pals,

holding each other’s hands,

waiting, when the Earth stalls.


But it turned out to be,

yet another hoax,

the World chose to continue,

the cat was not out of the box.

* * *

The year was 1999. It sent chills down our spine when we heard of this said apocalypse. We bunked classes, lunches and everything. But are glad that it was just another hoax. It was the biggest “April Fool” anybody would have pulled on such a huge mass 😛


Written for Month of the Year Writing Challenge – Season 3