Lucky Charm…

Some called him beggar while some called him mental case, but he never cared to bother. May be because he was either not in his senses or was rather saint like to not bother about it. What mattered to him was he was getting fed.

He would roam around on the streets with no specific aim as to where he wants to go, he would just walk. Kids would be curious as to where his home was, where his mother was, why his cloths are not clean and in one piece – you know, kiddo questions. From morning six to the time when shops, restaurants would open, he would just roam – pointlessly. But the scene would change once it’s time to start the business.

Early morning one tea stall would come to life in some corner of some road. If the tea stall owner is lucky, he would see this “Tiger” (as they all used to call him) passing by his stall. He would promptly offer a cup of tea to Tiger, free of cost. Tiger doesn’t eat or drink anything that has a price tag, he can’t afford to. But if someone offers him something free of cost, he would just grin at the person, accept it and move on. The giving-to-Tiger wasn’t an act of philanthropy, it was rather selfish act. The tea stall owner would be happy because feeding Tiger meant the business would soar like anything. That’s how it was.

At times he would ask (or shall I say beg) for food or a cup of tea and sometimes someone would willing give it to him. The people, who knew that giving to Tiger was like hitting a jackpot, never objected to him taking a biscuit from the pack or asking for a cup of tea or even a onetime meal. Rather there used to be a competition as to who all get to feed “Tiger”. Those who didn’t know the “benefits” of giving to Tiger would obviously object and pay the price as their business won’t earn much for them that day.

Some believed in Tiger being the lucky charm, some were skeptical of accepting it. But as far as Tiger was concerned, he lived a happy-go-lucky life. He used to smile irrespective of the person giving him food or not.

P.S. – This “Tiger” was a real person and belonged to my town. I (as in we kids) and our predecessors have seen him strolling on the road. This might sound like a story but is in actual a true story.

“Two Friends” [Conversations]

One Friend:

How about living a thoughtless day,

forget the nuances and just be away,

no tears, no fears, no smile on face,

no fights, no love and no grimace?

Other Friend:

If no tears and no smile on face,

then the life will be such a disgrace,

thoughts and nuances build us from within,

without them the life won’t just begin.

* * *

One Friend:

For a day let’s not have any friends,

I don’t want someone who just pretends,

no parents, no siblings, just all alone,

do what you want, that should set the tone.

Other Friend:

Life is all about friends, parents and siblings,

in life’s unending space, they are the fillings,

don’t listen to your brain, you are being misled,

without all this, you are simply a living dead.

“Destiny” – [Random Feelings Series]

Sitting in the window,

he was lost in thoughts,

contemplating why and how,

wrong have gone the plots

* * *

A moment ago it felt,

like he figured out all,

a moment of life dealt,

and he saw it all fall

* * *

Study, good job and then,

get married to a girl,

ship was on the way when,

he saw the sails unfurl

* * *

The ship changed its route,

zigzagging South and West,

his throat went Brut,

and left a bitter taste

* * *

He fought against with furor,

trying to alter the path,

with his eyes on the shore,

recalculating the math

* * *

He then thought why not,

go along the flow and check,

what his destiny has got,

and how do its plans bake

* * *

He let the wind take charge,

ship sailed to the shore,

albeit different, but large,

see what fruits the destiny bore.

– – – PBK

“Love Rain” — [Random Feelings Series]

Along the breeze,

came a musky smell,

tingling the inner walls,

ringing the inner bell

* * *

Head turned towards,

eyes searching her curves,

the smell hazed the senses,

was getting to his nerves

* * *

He saw the contours,

of her air blown hairs,

her blurred image,

through his sepia glares

 * * *

The time froze there,

when she came and hugged,

the feeling was ecstatic,

why you need to be drugged?

* * *

He pinched himself,

hard enough to feel the pain,

before he gets drenched,

in the shower of love rain.

– – – PBK


Heart is a mystery,
Prone to sorcery,
Made of flesh, full of emotions,
Jumps with joy, prey to commotions.

When it falls for someone,
It elevates to a height,
When someone crashes it,
Boils with emotional fight.

It breaks into pieces,
Can be mended to sustain,
But don’t make it a toy,
Take its care and stay sane.