“Destiny” – [Random Feelings Series]

Sitting in the window,

he was lost in thoughts,

contemplating why and how,

wrong have gone the plots

* * *

A moment ago it felt,

like he figured out all,

a moment of life dealt,

and he saw it all fall

* * *

Study, good job and then,

get married to a girl,

ship was on the way when,

he saw the sails unfurl

* * *

The ship changed its route,

zigzagging South and West,

his throat went Brut,

and left a bitter taste

* * *

He fought against with furor,

trying to alter the path,

with his eyes on the shore,

recalculating the math

* * *

He then thought why not,

go along the flow and check,

what his destiny has got,

and how do its plans bake

* * *

He let the wind take charge,

ship sailed to the shore,

albeit different, but large,

see what fruits the destiny bore.

– – – PBK