On The Edge… [Lessons from Life Series]

He sat on the edge of a cliff,

legs hanging towards dear earth,

eyes towards infinite sky above,

and center of gravity,

just managing to balance,

on a thin line of life and death.

A lifetime flashed in front of him,

the beautiful life bestowed on him,

the things, people he disliked,

disliked dearly till some time before,

felt important to him suddenly,

he felt bereaved of their existence,

without actually being away from them.

Nature made him realize,

there lies a thin line between,

letting go and holding back,

the maneuvering has to be perfect,

don’t just sit away from action,

don’t pour yourself too much into it,

just trade carefully and,

you’ll have a happy life.

— pbk

Hope… [Lessons from Life series]

Sometimes hope just floats away,

so close yet so far from grabbing,

riding on the waves of negativity,

ebbing away from the shore,

I stretch my hands towards it,

in anticipation of reaching it,

it pretends to reach me and then,

suddenly turns away eluding me,

I jump in the water,

braving the whims of the waves,

stretching as much further,

but the current is too strong,

after chasing the hope for long,

I give up on it and turn back,

that exact moment,

I feel a tap on my back,

I checked and there it was,

the hope, it was tugging my shirt,

expecting me to carry it along with me.

— pbk


A lane went alone into the woods,
With them pines and the shrubs along,
Darkness at its core, buzz from around,
He treaded with a hint of uncertainty,
Not sure where this would lead,
Neither he had a choice, nor he wanted one,
“Just walk, don’t mind the unfairness,
Let the time be right, let the place be right,
A path will appear and you will be through”,
His mind would whisper, shout occasionally,
If only, had he listened to it earlier,
Nonetheless, finally he decided, let’s just walk and see,
Somewhere there will be a solution,
Somewhere there will be a light.

— pbk

Looking Through…

The Sun shone dimly,

The distant horizon,

Long shadows being drawn,

Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

Birds getting the hint,

and heading towards home,

flowers getting upset,

for parting with the Sun,

the water looked murky,

for the lack of infiltration,


He sat by the tree trunk,

with his eyes on the Sun,

a competition of sorts,

who blinks first?

in the end,

the Sun just ran away,

dipping below the horizon,

ashamed of blinking first,

he didn’t know,

the other set of eyes,

were looking through him,

not at him.

— pbk