Lagori – The Game #OctPoWriMo Day 17

Written for: “OctPoWriMo” prompt for day 17



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Arrange those seven flat rocks,

One upon the other,

All you guys, spread around,

Let there be one group to aim,

One of them throw the ball,

At the arranged rocks,

Rocks will be displaced, in disarray

* * *

You all should now come running,

Try to rearrange the blocks,

Before they collect the ball and,

Aim at you, instead of the rocks,

If you all manage to rearrange,

Without coming in line of their throw,

You WIN!!!

* * *

— @pbkulkarni

What Is Love??? #OctPoWriMo Day 08

Written for: “OctPoWriMo” prompt for day 08


Love is like a quill,

That writes the hymns,

A fictional fantasy pill,

That works on its own whims

* * *

Love is like that scar,

Doesn’t hurt but reminds,

Like that distant star,

So far but it still blinds

* * *

Love is like those chats,

Bringing smile on your face,

Cute yet like the brats,

Away but still in embrace

* * *

Love is like that blind spot,

At the corner of a road,

You feel like taking a shot,

Yet are afraid of red code


— @pbkulkarni

Where Did The Weekend Go??? #OctPoWriMo Day 7

Written for: “OctPoWriMo” prompt for Day 7


So many things to do and so little time,

Two full days, but they breeze past,

Like it was never there,

And their this ephemeral nature,

Gives such a bad feeling and name to Monday

* * *

You feel like painting, you wait for weekend,

You feel like playing guitar,

Play with its strings and soothe them down,

You feel artistic and want to cuddle with,

Those Origami tessellations,

And those paper quilling creations,

You feel like drinking the words,

From books you’ve bought but not read yet,

And yet again you wait for the weekend

* * *

The desires pile up and impatience bottles up,

On a Friday, it’s so near yet so far,

Finally the weekend arrives but,

The urge to sleep a ‘bit’ more arises,

The household chores suddenly peek from nowhere,

The hot cup of coffee is gulped in haste,

It’s a race against clock, who will win?

The half day gone, quarter weekend gone,

And the thirst is not quenched yet,

Impatience is replaced by lethargy,

Planned things never happen, you think,

Half of them will be carried forward,

Next time I will not plan anything,

Let things take their own course,

But yet again on the next day, Monday,

You start planning for the coming weekend,

You can’t help it, thinking at least this time,

This time the plan will fructify.

— @pbkulkarni

Butterflies… #OctPoWriMo Day 6

Written for: “OctPoWriMo” prompt

It’s my date,

With a beautiful girl,

I try to forecast my fate,

My thoughts whirl,


* * *

It’s my interview,

My palms feel the sweat,

The job, the anxiety, all new,

Stomach feels upset,


* * *

I am at work,

I call mom, three times,

She doesn’t answer, feel of murk,

She picks and I hear chimes,


* * *

I plan to buy,

A car already in my mind,

Someone I tell lets out a sigh,

Was the decision blind?



— @pbkulkarni

The World Has Found… #OctPoWriMo Day 5

Written for: Day 5 prompt of “OctPoWriMo


The World has found, love towards Globalization,

The World has found, hatred towards humanity,

The World has found, ways to lose its charm,

The World has found, new leaders to screw the peace,

The World has found, some millennia back we were all united,

The World has found, God-men take us away from God,

The World has found, it’s important to come together,

The World has found, guns can be owned easily,

The World has found, human life has no value,

The World has found, finding life on Mars is important than saving lives on Earth,

The World has found, ego ranks higher than sanity,

The World has found, corruption is universal,

The World has found, there is a parallel Universe somewhere,

The World has found, the grass is always greener on the other side,

The World has found, love conquers everything,

The World has found, the World is finding so many things. 😛

— @pbkulkarni

Be Gentle… #OctPoWriMo Day 4

Written for: Day 4 prompt at “OctPoWriMo


Be Gentle

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Not everything is fair,

In this game of life,

But don’t point at it,

With a grudged knife

* * *

Some run ahead,

Some will be behind,

Don’t let the envy,

Clutter your mind
* * *

Look at the shanties,

Dream of high rise, but

Don’t let pomp get you,

In pride’s disguise

* * *

Cherish the good,

Distance the bad,

Some things will hurt,

But don’t be too sad

* * *

Karma is the cause,

Time is the answer,

On this grand stage,

We are just a dancer.

— @pbkulkarni

Beginning of Poetic Journey… #OctPoWriMo Day 3

Day 3 Post for “OctPoWriMo“. Today’s prompt – “Lets write a Poem about Why We wrote that very first poem.


Brought up in a family,

Filled with poems,

Spiritual or sarcastic,

Fun or sardonic,

The blood always had,

Words along with platelets,

The organs always had,

A sense of rhyme,

The eyes always searched,

For the nuances,

To bind them with words,

And yet set them free

* * *

But it needed a self cursing,

For those words to come out,

Like a free flowing water,

A disgusted punch in the palm,

To make them write,

As soon as they reach the tips,

A sense of futility,

For wasting so much of time,

To make the juices flow

* * *

Since then the mind,

Remembers all of this,

Recognizes the prompts,

From the surrounding,

Tries to devise a poem,

Conventional or abstract,

Rhyming or not,

But it blows in life,

And makes it sound poetic.

— @pbkulkarni

Hidden Words… #OctPoWriMo Day 2

Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

Hidden in the dark,

Lay the words,

Afraid to come out,

Like caged birds

* * *

Please don’t poke,

Don’t force them out,

Let them take baby steps,

Let them just sprout

* * *

Slowly wings will spread,

Eyes will look up,

Decision will be made,

And they will buckle up

* * *

The poem thus made,

Will have brave words,

They will touch the hearts,

Like high soaring birds

—- @pbkulkarni


Day 2 Post forOctPoWriMo

I Wore You Like…


Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

I wore you like a bruise,

Just above the skin,

Wounds deep within,

But with content grin

* * *

I wore you like a gash,

Deep inside the flesh,

Bleeding profusely,

And yet feeling afresh

* * *

I wore you like a fracture,

Breaking me in pieces,

But to have you in my life,

The feeling never ceases

— @pbkulkarni

What’s a Fall? #OctPoWriMo

It’s as if you have,

Entered a blood vessel,

Red color everywhere,

Redness to nestle

The roads that you tread,

The trees that you see,

Dressed in different shades,

A dress code it could be

The sky that covers,

The river that flows,

As the Sun goes down,

The surrounding glows

The yellows and the maroons,

The greens and the blues,

They all shy and glow,

With the Red and its hues.


Day 1 post forOctPoWriMo