Beginning of Poetic Journey… #OctPoWriMo Day 3

Day 3 Post for “OctPoWriMo“. Today’s prompt – “Lets write a Poem about Why We wrote that very first poem.


Brought up in a family,

Filled with poems,

Spiritual or sarcastic,

Fun or sardonic,

The blood always had,

Words along with platelets,

The organs always had,

A sense of rhyme,

The eyes always searched,

For the nuances,

To bind them with words,

And yet set them free

* * *

But it needed a self cursing,

For those words to come out,

Like a free flowing water,

A disgusted punch in the palm,

To make them write,

As soon as they reach the tips,

A sense of futility,

For wasting so much of time,

To make the juices flow

* * *

Since then the mind,

Remembers all of this,

Recognizes the prompts,

From the surrounding,

Tries to devise a poem,

Conventional or abstract,

Rhyming or not,

But it blows in life,

And makes it sound poetic.

— @pbkulkarni

13 thoughts on “Beginning of Poetic Journey… #OctPoWriMo Day 3

  1. My two favorite lines: “Spiritual or sarcastic” (made me think about perhaps combining the two into something spiritually sarcastic…lol); “The blood always had words along with platelets” YES! Poetry is in our blood! I really like this poem!


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