Some stations come very quickly,

Some stations take forever to appear,

It’s not about the distance,

But the time it takes.


A station comes and,

A passenger disembarks,

With him he takes away,

The space we shared in the voyage,

However short it was.

The thoughts we exchanged,

Without each other’s knowledge.


Some join where the others left,

Space tries to adjust, and mind

Tries to match the wavelength,

Some links turn invalid,

And some links get established,

The voyage starts again,

The time and distance however,

Are unknown factors.


Some start with you and,

Continue till the end of journey,

But were oblivious to each other,

For the entire voyage,

Like two parallel lines,

Never meant to meet each other,

But living the same life.


Life is one such train journey.

 — @pbkulkarni

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