Joy of giving…

Joy of giving comes,

From even smallest things,

Lofty presents may galore,

But it is all about,

Small package, big happiness

It comes in various shapes,


Joy of giving a lift,

To a beautiful lady,


Joy of giving a hug,

For it warms the heart,


Joy of giving lecture,

For it elates the ego,


Joy of giving education,

For it creates generation,


Joy of giving clothes,

For it covers the naked,


Joy of giving money,

To the needy of course,


Joy of giving gifts,

To your loved ones,


Joy of giving flowers,

For it spreads fresh air,


Joy of giving a sapling,

For it brings nature close,


Joy of giving a slap,

For it expresses a lot,


Joy of donating your eyes,

For someone will see the world,


Joy of giving your attention,

For someone deserves it,

by @pbkulkarni


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