Learn From Mistakes…

Nature forbade human to go against it,

But human didn’t pay any heed,

Nature brandished with calamities like Tsunami,

Human still somehow manage to make same mistakes.


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Today’s 3 words: Brandish, Forbid, Manage


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Today’s 3 words – Evident, Illusion, Tragic


Things for one are pretty evident,

For others it might be an illusion,

It’s tragic that we don’t honor both


Glass half filled is evident,

Illusion as it may be seen,

But seeing it as half empty is tragic


Brainy Thinking…

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Prompt: Affinity, Fidget, Mention


It is really mesmerizing how brain works,

There are thousands of nerves and cells,

Every time I think, the circuit gets activated,

All electrons run at the speed of light,

Or even faster than that, who knows,

To fetch the data related to your query

And when it’s matter of something of affinity,

The electrons act supercharged.

They fidget with such an enthusiasm,

That they won’t stop unless the information is fetched.

Just a single mention of a subject,

And brain cells work hard to fetch the info.

Really, it’s unimaginable how our brain works.




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You flutter your eyes,

And you miss a split second,

Maybe nothing much important,

But there is every chance,

Of being it the special Occasion

You may miss a shining star,

A stumbling girl,

Some cute face in the crowd,

A kid’s cute act

God has been kind,

That he kept the fluttering duration,

As minimum as possible,

Otherwise just imagine,

Your blink lasting for say 2 minutes 🙂

Spiritual Path…

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Disclaimer: This is a true story and sorry in advance for writing a bit long one. But I hope you find this interesting and helpful.

Swami Narayan (1781 - 1830)

Some days back I was in “Akshardham Temple” in Delhi. On a big screen they were showing life story of Swami Narayan (an eminent saint in India in early 1800). The incident was like Swami Narayan at the age of 11 was sitting under one tree. The village was well known for visit of a man eating Lion and everyone used to hide in their homes before it gets dark.

That day Swami Narayan was also asked to come inside home before the lion comes. Swami Narayan denied to hide in the house and stayed under the tree. Lion came after some time but instead of eating Swami he obeyed his orders and calmly sat just like a dog would listen to his master’s orders.


People asked them the other morning,

“Don’t you fear?”

“I left the fear when I left my home. Don’t be afraid of anything. If you fear, nothing will work according to your wish. Dare to leave the fear behind you. Dare to think positively at life and you will see difference.


This is the essence of Indian Philosophy and Spirituality. Indian scriptures have always advised to be bold and have positive approach towards life. Leave the feeling of fear aside and you will see wonders happening. We fear a lot of so many things. But never think of daring and doing.


Even though the practical implementation of making a lion follow your orders is not possible for us, because we are not so much pure for nature to listen to our orders, but practicing spiritual path of truth, righteousness, honesty and humanity is very much possible even today. Follow the simple laws of living and you will see lot of difference in your lives.

Unheard Plights…

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“No, please don’t do that. It hurts a lot” – A wall was screaming in pain. Then it yelled and cursed the scraper for doing that to him, saying

“We have to undergo such a pain because of this handful bad sector on me. It’s just some scratches here and there and they called these people with abrasives and are now scraping me. We undergo such an emotional pain. The cement layer (plaster) that we held for such a long time will no more be with us. They don’t understand how big a loss this is.”

But nothing was in its hands, it (the wall) is build to say nothing and suffer everything.

So Surreal…

It was pitch dark outside when suddenly a light flashed up above in the sky. I gazed that way to see “God of Death” descent on the earth. I was happy thinking now the Good will win over Bad and bad things will be eradicated. He will kill the darkness and light will prevail. But alas, it was surreal, a dream. Bad still remained on the earth and good is being over-powered.



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