Confusing Expressions…

The other day I was traveling in Delhi Metro. Besides being a cozy ride in air conditioning across the city, the metro is also a source of experiencing, knowing different people. Some are pretentious snobs while some are very simple. Some are helpful whereas some are inconsiderate. Besides studying them and their behaviors from a distance, listening to their conversations is also funny sometimes.

That day two married men were sitting in front of me. Their wives sitting at some distance, and hence these two could open their mouth, so to say. One of the wives was going to her maika (maiden home). And both of them were discussing how often their wives visit maiden house.

One said his wife last went to her maiden home some 18 years ago. The other man gasped at it and made a face glancing towards his wife (of course without her noticing the expression). He then replied saying “my wife visits her maiden home every year almost, sometimes even twice the year”.

What I couldn’t understand was his expression while saying this. Was there a twinkle in his eyes (that he gets the freedom every year) or serious tear drop blinking at the thought of being away from her?

Shameless Bastard…

“What’s your problem if I am ready to stay here alone”?? She asked to her son, with tremendous pain in her eyes.

Her husband has passed away some years back and she painstakingly brought up her only child amidst all the problems. She educated him to the extent of making him able to get a well paying job in US. He later got married and settled in US. But his mother was not willing to leave India, as she has all the attachments with this place. Her lifespan with her husband was attached with this place. Every possible remembrance she has, she has of this place. So she decided to stay back in India and she did.

Her son after getting married applied for Green Card and became permanent citizen of US. He bought a big house there and then bought a lavish flat in India where his mother used to stay. She made more and more friends. She used to go to social gatherings in the garden of her apartment; she used to play with kids playing in there. Everything was going as she wanted it to. Her son used to come to India in vacations and go back in a month or so. She used to cherish every moment of their stay. Her son tried to convince her to come to US with them, but she used to deny every time. She had her own reasons.

One fine day, son’s wife decided to bring her statement out in front of everyone, which was being discussed in her bedroom only.

She asked her mother in law, “you either come with us to US or vacate this house and we will enroll you to old age house. This flat has huge value tag, it can be sold for around 70-75 lakhs. So please decide now only, before we leave for US.”

It was a shock for her. She looked at her son expectantly for some support, but he had already caved in to his wife. She saw the shame in his eyes, the denial to support her and she was devastated from inside. Her whole life flashed in front of her. 9 months of bearing him in her womb, every single day of his illness, the financial penury she endured to teach him, making her heart rock solid to allow him to go to US and tears rolled down her eyes. Not believing her son’s behavior and his coldness towards herself, her heart broken into million pieces. She mourned her husband’s death that time the most. Because she didn’t have time to mourn his death, as she had a son to bring up, the same son who bailed out on her now.

She decided to keep mum, nodded in affirmative and went in her room. The shameless son and his victorious (?) wife went in their room, much content with the outcome, oblivious to the real outcome.

In the night, when everything was silent as dead, the watchman sitting down at the entrance gate of apartment, heard a big thud sound and was surprised. He came running towards the origin of sound and found her lying in bloodshed. She had jumped off 11th floor, from her balcony, after going through numerous of such incidents, like one that happened that day. She couldn’t bear the thought of staying in old age house. Moreover she couldn’t bear the thought of her son betraying her and not supporting her.

The watchman went running towards flat 1101. He told the situation to her son. Her son gave him some money and packed the bags immediately and left for US, without even cremating his mother’s body, without even doing the last rituals.

This is a real story and nothing of this story is cooked up. This has happened in the apartment pretty close to where I lived. I seriously pity the mother who committed suicide, her all efforts to make her son able and a good person bore no fruits. Her “Sanskar” have gone down the drainage. I can’t imagine what she might have gone through from the moment she nodded affirmative and she jumped off the balcony. And I don’t wanna even think of it. May her soul rest in peace and may God take her good care, because her shameless son wasn’t able to.

Disclaimer: This is a real story, but I have purposefully not disclosed the location and city.

Neighborhood… #aros

She took her hands to eyes and tried to swipe them off water trickling down. Some issue I guess made her lose control and cry. The neighboring lady immediately came outside and tried to console her. This lady was sobbing, so as not to attract the passing by people’s attention. The neighboring lady sensed her exposure to road and tried to cover her by standing in front of her. So that people don’t see her wet eyes.

I guess that’s what neighbors are for, to assist you in your good and bad times, to make your sufferings much bearable. In today’s world when we don’t know who our neighbors are this act by that lady moved me. Being in outskirts of Bangalore and it being kind of village only, this act was not utterly surprising but nevertheless it made me happy. Happy to see humanity still alive.


Woes of A Father…

He pulled the kid close to him. There was an urge of a father in pulling the kid. The kid too willingly went into the arms of that person and hugged him till his small hands could reach. The man held the kid with one hand and maneuvered the road blocking rod with other hand. He uses the spot under the tree shadow to make himself safe from beaming Sun rays and dry heat.

The kid was now trying to get rid of from the clutches of that man and run or move wildly on the road. And the man saw danger in it as he was blocking the internal road from the main road, and if the boy runs of main road he might hurt himself. But the kid was oblivious to the facets of manic traffic on the road and etiquettes to follow.


While trying to keep the kid in the clutches the expression on father’s face changed. It was clear from his expressions that he was feeling proud as well as worried about the child’s future. Proud for the reason that the kid found himself as a student in some local playschool and worried because he earned meager salary to fulfill the household necessities and his child’s education. Proud because he felt he is doing the right thing by working hard and earning money for his family. He is treading the right path and has not involved himself in some wrong ways of earning money. This was his hard work’s money, but worried because his daily job was to guard the internal road from main road traffic. He was now thinking, when my son grows and goes to school, will telling my job profile bring shame in him??


Height In Love…

The two were walking by the side of the road. Rather the boy was walking on the road and the girl was on the footpath besides, but still the height matched. Both were so much into each other, they forgot about the world besides them living fully. The boy holding the hand of the girl and they must be talking about their budding love. The girl was at times leaning on the boy and the boy expertly balancing her leaning. She at times bent sideways to explain some things to him, personally. He was also curious to know her case and so tried to be on his heels to show the full attention. They were living in their romantic World; completely oblivious to the fact that World co-existed with them.


What the couple implied was that there is no height issue between them; rather there should not be any height issue in love. The couple was example that Love is Love and height in love is not at all an issue. Yes, what can be an issue is height difference in two mentalities.