Discover… #5Lines #Gogyohka

Today’s Theme: Discovery


Love at first sight,

Is highly over rated,

It may or may not last long,

Love can be built over the period,

Rather than simply be discovered.


Prompted at: May Challenge Prompts and International 5Lines Poetry Month – May

Things Remain Unsaid… #5Lines #Gogyohka

She wants to say something,

I too want to say something,

She waits for me to start,

And I say “Ladies First”,

Nothing really is said in the end.

* * * * *

Don’t keep the things unsaid, for they may mean something to someone. The initial dilemma to say those things may be a barrier but don’t let that thing to be a show stopper.


Theft… #5Line #Gogyohka

Today’s May Challenge theme — “Steal


She stole my heart,

But it didn’t reach her,

Don’t know where it is now,

She is the actual thief,

Then why she doesn’t have it?

* * * * *

If you want to,

Steal fragrance from flowers,

Steal sweetness from fruits,

Steal modesty from greats,

Otherwise don’t steal anything.

* * * * *

If you want to,

Steal innocence from a child,

Steal love from a Mother,

Steal freedom from air,

Otherwise don’t steal anything.

* * * * *

Prompted at May Challenge Prompts [May 5 – Steal] and 5Line MonthMay

Mother… #Gogyohka #5Line

Immense display of love and care,

Pure and ever fresh as rain water,

No barter of favors required,

No conditions being kept forward,

That’s “Mother” for you.


Prompted by May 2011 International 5Line Poetry month


Notes –


Gogyohka (pronounced in four syllables with all hard g’s, as in “good”) literally translates as “five-line verse”. It is an evolution of the great Japanese tradition of short verse, but unlike its predecessors Haiku and Tanka, it has no fixed syllable pattern. There are also no conventions governing content and no assumptions about what is considered to be appropriately “poetic” language.