Alone In Masses…

This loneliness amidst the masses is,

Like a burnt patch in lush greenery,

Like being thirsty while drinking water,

Like being alive and dead at one time

 * * *

Yes, it’s a strange feeling,

Though quite close to heart now,

Lying in one corner of the heart,

Peeking unexpectedly time to time

 * * *

I drink water, stomach quite full,

But still mouth gets dry, in more need

It’s that which needs to be quenched,

 * * *

Atoms dance with each other in unison,

When their frequency matches,

They mix with each other and,

Transform the mechanism of bond

 * * *

It’s important to find a person,

With heart beating at similar frequency,

To understand your emotions and,

To be your friend in true sense

 * * *

No wonder, finding a good friend is very hard.

For that you need matching heartbeats

Because to check the frequency of them

One needs a tuning fork, good resonance

 * * *

— Prasad



दूर कहिँ से पत्तोंकी,

चरमराहट सुनाई दे रही है,
किसके है वो कदम,
जो सन्नाटा चीर रहे है.

दूर कहिँ से कोयल कि,
कूक सुनाई दे रही है,
ना जाने किसके आने का,
वो आगाज़ दे रही है.

दोपहर कि कडी धूप मे,
ठण्डी हवा का झोंका आया है,
पसीने से लतपत चेहरे पे,
हल्की सी मुस्कान लाया है.

ना जाने वक्त का ये,
किसके तरफ इशारा है,
कहिँ ये वो तो नही,
जिसका मुझे इन्तेज़ार है?

फुरसत के दिन…

अब चाहत नही,
    फुरसत के दिनों की,
उसकी चाहत भी,
    बेकारन सी है अब.

बस चाहते है,
    दिन लंबा हो जाए,
एक दिन में ही,
    करने मिल जाए सब.
   * * *

राते छोटी हुई,
    तो भी गम नही,
वैसे भी यहा,
    कौन सोता है भला.

दिन शुरू हो,
    अपने चहेते कामों से,
चहेते लोगों मे ही,
    अपना दिन हो ढला.
   * * *
पर दिक्कत है,
    तो इस बात से,
दुश्वार दिनों मे,
    दिन लंबे हो जाएँगे

राते छोटी पड़ेगी,
    दुख सहन ना हो,
तो रो पड़ेंगे,
    फिर उसे कैसे छुपाएँगे.

--- प्रसाद

My Girlfriend…

I have finally found,

That someone for me,

Who was along with me,

All this while but,

I didn’t recognize.

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Yes, I can call her,

My girlfriend,

Now that I know,

She’s the one,

Made just for me

 ♥ ♥ ♥

She never questions,

Where I am going,

She simply accompanies,

Wherever I go,

And be by my side

♥ ♥ ♥ 

She never asks me,

Why I didn’t tell her anything,

Simply because,

She knows everything,

I can’t hide

 ♥ ♥ ♥

She knows what I am up to,

Because she can read my mind,

Not just that,

She can read my Heart too,

Every single time

 ♥ ♥ ♥

She at times acts,

As a mute spectator,

Sometimes outspoken,

Telling me back,

What I did

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Sometimes she runs behind me,

Keeping track of my ways,

And sometimes walk ahead of me,

Keeping me safeguarded,

From the unknown

 ♥ ♥ ♥

You might be guessing,

Who she is, who I am talking about,

Well friends, she is,

My shadow,

My girlfriend

♥ ♥ ♥

In The Alternate Universe…

Somewhere in the alternate universe,

I think my father is still there,

Old however than I have seen him,

When I last saw him, sixteen years back.

 * * *

The other universe, more advanced,

Must have found the cure for Cancer,

He must have got treated for,

And he must be living happily.

 * * *

Happily with me and my mother,

Of the alternate universe though,

But I am happy that he has sustained,

The scars of Cancer and love of fate

* * *

I find solace in the fact that,

He must be looking at me from,

A window somehow and has seen,

Me grow against all odds

 * * *

He must have seen how brave,

My mother had been without him,

To have gone through the hell,

And still come up victorious.

* * *

Today he must be telling everyone,

There in the other side,

How proud he is of his child, and

Must be showering his blessings on me

* * *

Somehow I’m not able to see the window,

Through which he is watching me,

But don’t be think God is here,

Though we can’t see him?

 * * * * *


This poem is inspired from an episode of “Fringe”. Somehow I could relate to the story the other way round. I still feel, my father is watching me from top there and showering his blessings on me.

Trade Off…

Trade Off…

We constantly live in the world of trade-offs. Whether the path number 1 is correct or the path number 2 is correct, is always the question. The life we live is better or the life others live is better is always the case.

And in such a trade-off we choose the path which the masses follow, in turn living their life. We never give it a thought and consider both the cases standing at the middle point of both.

One such trade-off is whether to live lavishly or to be subtle. There are myriad cases surrounding us which show both the facets of this trade-off, but we often choose the lavish lifestyle because we consider that’s the current trend and it’s cool to live lavishly.

There are two pre-cursors to living a lavish life style.

  1. Either you have inherited large sum of money and you don’t mind spending it, or
  2. You have hard earned (easy money can also be considered, but for keeping the discussion on sane level, I am not including the easy money in this case) money and want to live lavishly.

Now here I need to describe what I mean by lavish lifestyle. This lavishness is not in its entirety but considers only one aspect of providing extravagant things/items to the kids.

  1. Providing children (under aged) vehicles, high end gadgets, extravagant items.
  2. Providing kids money (as pocket money, which is a good thing) but not keeping the outgoing in check. Parents need to ask their children where and why they have spent the money.

I think providing your kids with the things they demand instantaneously is a crime. Yes, it is a crime. You should teach them the waiting game. They demand and you provide won’t work for long. Because in that case, their expectations from you keep on increasing and you keep on doing the exact things you shouldn’t be. If they get things at the moment it comes out of their mouth, they lose the value. Forget about losing the value, they don’t even understand the value of money.

They think, if you can afford to provide me with high end gadget, which kids of his age in general don’t have, buying gadgets is pretty simple task for you. But what they don’t understand is the hard work you put behind earning the money to buy them the gadgets.

It’s a trade off.

I think, living subtly gives you more options. It allows you to fulfill the wishes of your children and at the same time teach them the importance of money. This will teach them the value for money. Let the kid ask you for a wrist watch, tell him you will buy it for him. But don’t buy it at the exact moment. Let him/her wait for some months/days and then buy the watch for them. They will be happy to see the surprise package from you.

One thing to consider here is, if you buy them goods instantaneously they might feel happier about it. But trust me; in the long run the happiness which kids get when they finally get the item after a little wait is long lasting and worth than the happiness they might get when they receive goods instantaneously.

So live subtly at least for your children, for them to understand the importance of money and keep them buoying instead of either flying or getting submerged.

Dear Art – Thank You…

Thank You my dear Art.


You take me into trance and teach me how to forget my sorrows.

You give me strength and fresh energy to fight the evil in and outside me.

I don’t need any pills or drinks to get over the gloom, when I am with you.

You teach me my limitations and let me know of my strengths too.

You have it all in you, what the worldly sages preach.

  1. You have sorrow – to tell me that happiness isn’t the only thing
  2. You have happiness – to tell me sadness is just a phase
  3. You have discipline – you teach me that through lots of things
  4. You have impartiality – of treating every note and every stroke equally
  5. You have morality – of keeping things as clean and simple as one can
* * *

Art is a form of God,

Or Nature for an atheist,

That makes us realize

The boundaries of our reach

 * * *

You learn a note on guitar,

But you have hundreds to learn,

Even after those hundred,

You have finesse to work on

 * * *

Take any art in this World,

You are never thorough in it,

You feel saturation is reached,

And something new stands in front

 * * *

The wise say it rightly,

Learning never stops in life,

The nature is full of learning,

And you have just started

 * * *

You learn and practice an art,

And you will come to know,

How small you are in this world,

There’s lot to reach in this world.

* * *

Camera v/s Human Eye…

Can camera capture everything??

Whenever I go to some picturesque place and try and capture what I am seeing, only one question pops out in my mind – “Can a camera capture exactly what our eyes see”? And everything I am justified in my mind and practically too that camera isn’t and can’t replicate what your eyes see in true sense. Mind you, I am using word “True Sense”.

Yes, I know, camera is just a device where there are 3 lenses (glasses to be precise), some of which are convex and some concave which invert the images at first, which when fall on retina to create a real picture. It is exactly as your eyes see, but ask yourself one question – is it really the picture you see? Is it the EXACT thing?

Your eyes see some things, close or distant. What you see through your eyes have different perception in your brain. Your brain analyzes what your eyes see with emotional touch and your mind perceives them accordingly. So when you see a natural scenery, your mind and eyes experience them emotionally as well as physically. But the camera just captures what is in front of it.

I have always found the pictures a bit incomplete when clicked than when seen by naked eye.