Technology… #5Line #ABCPoem

hey were far apart,

naware of each other’s existence,

eiled in their own worlds,

ithdrew their gap and come closer,

echnology is to be lauded.


Prompted at May Challenge Prompt 


Note: This “5Line poetry” type is called as “ABC Poems

ABC poem  : has 5 lines that create a mood, picture, or feeling. Lines 1 through 4 are made up of words, phrases or clauses – and the first word of each line is in alphabetical order from the first word. Line 5 is one sentence, beginning with any letter.

Indian Singers Then And Now…

Yesterday I was listening to “Dekha na hay re, socha na hay re” sung by Kishor Kumar. I love Kishore Kumar songs; he was so versatile and god-gifted singer. Every song, whether that’s Romantic number or sentimental number or even happy and sad numbers, sung by him was a master piece. The vigor and enthusiasm with which he used to sing was amazing. It’s been almost 2 decades that he is not among us, but still remains in our hearts.


In fact, I like every singer and musician of his era. Let that be Mohd. Rafi or Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale, Mukesh Kumar, S.D. Burman, R.D. Burman, Kalyanji Anandji, Lakshmikant Pyarelal. These all are legends, they changed the music in India forever. There were so many legends before these people also, but these people were truly amazing. And these singers and musicians were COMPLETE.


For example, these singers had to sing a song in one go for their recordings, unlike today where technology has come to help the singers. Today recordings go like “One word at a time” and not “One song at a time”. Consider an example of song like “Dekha na Hai re, Socha na Hai re” or “Aake seedhi lagi dil pe“, these song is fast and needs lot of energy. It is difficult to sing these songs in one go, but still Kishor Kumar managed to sing is in a best way. It was lot harder to record a song in one go. If musician missed a single beat or singers missed something, the only option was to start the recording over again. Isn’t that cumbersome but let me tell you, these people mostly used to okay the recording in at max 2-3 takes. That’s it, so was their perfection.


Today the scene is different, we have advanced in technology so much that we can edit, cut and paste and record at different timings and merge to create a song. But this has taken a toll on today’s singers. Not that Sonu Nigam, Shaan, K.K. and likes of them are bad. They are equally good, but the enthusiasm and zest which was there in earlier singers in not present in the same percentage.


I like yesteryear singers and today’s singers both, but if it comes to choosing singers and music quality, I’ll vote for late 80’s and 90’s music and singers. Because that was real melody and those were complete singers and musicians.

4G before 3G???

Well guys, there is one surprising news  here.

“Intel is thinking of entering in Indian market with 4G”

4g-logo Yes, Intel is in conversation with some major telecom companies in India like Bharti, Reliance etc. Intel wants minority stakes of these companies and is willing to introduce WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) in India. WiMAX is one of the BWA (Broadband Wireless Access) technology which is in nascent stages in India. Almost all of the US is using WiMAX and 4G technologies and India is not yet decided on 3G.


Isn’t it a shame that even after declaring the introduction of 3G in India since almost 1 and half year, we are still at the “no-where” situation? DoT (Department of Telecom) and Defence Ministry are fighting over the spectrum availability since some months now. Don’t know who is at fault, but its getting stand-still again after some movement. Even if someone goes for RTI (Right to Information) I doubt how revealing that would be.


3g_candyLOGO1 Currently India is having only 6.5 million broadband subscribers, which is very much below par as compared to the estimated 20 million till 2010. So if the government is not able to bring customers to broadband, what they will be able to do for wireless? The main problem because of which people are reluctant even for broadband, let alone for wireless is, the price tag with which they come. The huge price which the subscriber is asked to pay makes them shy away from the services.


At first the government should clear the mess about 3G and then pave the way for 4G. Because 4G is supposed to be one stage ahead of 3G. So if 4G is made available in India, who will go for 3G? And then the setup for 3G will go in vein.

But the thing is that, 3G and 4G will be very costly for general public and hence won’t gain momentum till the government makes in usable to common public.

Kaveri Jet Engine – ready for take off…

Indeed its a moment of pride for India. Instead of taking pride in Formula One where nothing is Indian, plume in first jet engine made completely in India by Indians. The dream has finally come true for India and Dr. Mohana Rao after almost 20 years.

Dr. Mohana Rao saw a dream of creating a jet engine way back in 1989 when he was working as Junior Technician at the Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), Bangalore. He worked hard since then to build a jet engine for Tejas Light Combat Aircraft.

The Kaveri engine will be transported to a testing facility outside Moscow, Gromov Flight Research Institute. At this testing location an IL-76 aircraft will be there which will behold Kaveri as one of the four engines and will be tested for its in air capabilities. Meanwhile the capacities of the engine on ground have been tested. The engine is travelling all the way to Russia as India is not having the testing facilities. (You can imagine how costly the affair of transporting this engine to Russia can be)


(This is Kaveri Jet Engine manufactured in and by India)

But for DRDO this end to the story is a bitter one as this program was very much criticised. As this engine was supposed to be designed for Tejas and was to be of weight 1100 kg but finally came out to be 1265 kg. Similarly Tejas also grew in weight. This is the reason why the made for each other machines could not meet with each other. This is the main reason the DRDO is under criticism.

Now Tejas houses engine from American GE, GE 404-IN which is able to provide it the desired power. This can be an end to Tejas saga but what about Kaveri? Well, Kaveri is now thinking of rejuvenating. Rejuvenating will not be an exact word, but kind of thinking to get more powerful and aesthetic. For that it will require foreign expertise and technology and for that Kaveri or rather GTRE is thinking of joining hands with French aero engine major “Snecma”. Russia’s NPO Saturn was also in the race but India choose Snecma than Saturn.

This is really a success story for India and keeping criticism away from ears and in mind DRDO should walk along the development road.