Music Trance…

Submitted to Thursday TalesTale #49

Image Credit: Roxana Enache

Image Source: Roxana Enache


She was meandering around in his room when she spotted the piano. She went to his house for the first time. Being an avid music fan and a singer herself she was immediately attracted to the piano. She knew few notes here and there. She lingered around it for some time thinking what she should play. But then thought of having a feel of it and she leaned against the wooden structure. Smelling the woody smell and feeling the keys she went into a trance.


Her mind was already playing tunes of Mozart and Bach. The sheer brilliance and melody those tunes have, made her numb for a moment. She thought of trying those tunes but refrained from disturbing the mental peace she was having remembering the original tunes. But the craving to play on good, old piano finally broke the wall and she placed her tender fingers on the keys, placing her ear on the wooden structure to get the first melody coming out of it, directly in the ear.


She pressed the keys one by one and tried to grasp the music coming out of it. She started to play the eight basic keys (Saa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Saa) which are generally known as octave. While playing the keys, her mind surfed the musical terrain and wandered in thinking how these tunes, how this music is produced. What lies beneath this wooden plate? How by playing this key, a particular tune is produced? This was all magical for her, as magical as the green nature and the current sensation in her life, Love.


And she suddenly got puzzled as to what should be her first love? The music which fills her completely, the nature which is running through every single drop of her blood or the new found crush/love of her life? And to get out of this dilemma she again pushed her fingers on the keys and the keys plunged.


Like Us Like Train…

Submitted to Thursday Tales prompt #47

Photographer: Vitaly (Zimaz) of DevianArt


Image Credit: Vitaly (Zimaz) of DevianArt


Now I know why a series of thoughts is called “Train of thoughts”. As our thoughts wander through beautiful memories, so does the train roam through the lush greenery. In some gloomy situations our thoughts just feel like passing through hell, so does train also passes through some rocky mountains or dry and barren land. We carry so many people in our mind every second of every day. There are friends, family members and foes too in our minds. So does the train also carry people those who care for her and those also who don’t care for her. Even though the train stops at a particular station or signal it doesn’t stop to burn itself from inside, just like a candle which burns itself out to keep your surrounding bright.

See there are so many similarities between a non-living thing like train and a human being. And we go hunting for a person, a human being similar to us.


Best Friend…

Submitted to Thursday Tales

Thanks to Leo for the image.

Diary - Your Best Friend - Image By "Leo"


Have you ever smelt the brand new diary’s pages? The smell is awesome and filling 🙂

Diary is such a place where you can dump your emotions and still find them as you have left them. No tampering and no extravaganza of emotions. It is the closest friend one can have. You don’t have to be diplomatic, keep anything to yourself. Whatever your mind is thinking, you can tell to her.

And she will listen to it silently. She will participate in your happy moments; she will give support to your forehead when you feel like crying. She will cry with you and shed some tears. She will bustle with joy when you are happy.

You can sulk about wrong things happening to you and she will quietly listen, like an understanding partner trying to gauge your problem. You can tell about your dark secrets and she will keep it with her and not tell anyone. You can whisper about your girlfriend or crush to her and she will provide listening ear.

On a relaxed day you can go back to her and ask her what is going on? And she will open her tear drenched pages and narrate some sad part of your life or she will flutter her pages showing how happy you were that day. No friend can be as close to you as your diary can be.

Just maintain her. Keep her posted about things happening in your life and she will take care of the rest. 🙂

Waiting for Her…

Submitted to Thursday Tales and Flash 55

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When he held that blue brush in his hands, he had no idea that that brush could be magical.

He painted fairies and they came alive.

Is that the magic of seeping light or his brush, he doesn’t know.

And now he is waiting for the girl in that sketch at back to come alive.

Mind Play…

“Hey, are you done with it?”

“No, wait a second. I am trying to memorize the incident”

“What incident? There was no incident at all that day. It was a plain, simple day”

“No, there was something interesting, something special that day”

“Then why it’s not visible on your painting? Why your painting looks simple and eventless?”

“It is there, you just need to have my vision.

You see there? That right hand corner? There is that pendant she liked very much in that shop. You see that? You won’t because you don’t love her.

You see that window above? There she used to stand for hours, just to see me passing by. A minute of glimpse was enough reason for her to stand there like forever.

You see that dome? She so wanted to climb that dome and look around the city for its beauty. But what she didn’t understand was that dome was not having any stairs, but she still wanted to go there like a crazy little baby.

You see the overcast sky? She used to cling to my hand all the time in anticipation that lightning will happen and she would be late to grab my hand.”

“Huh, that’s just your imagination. You are becoming too optimistic and think she is a still there with you, but she is not”

“You just shut up and stop denying her existence”.


All along, with hands inside the gloves were taking rest, head and eyes were covered with the hat. But inside that hat, two brains were fighting with each other. The left was denying her existence and the right was being too optimistic. Soon the head will come out of its exile and hands off the gloves and soon the painting session will start. Soon some paintings, like those in the other room, will follow and will keep on giving the subject to two brains to fight on.


Inspired by Thursday Tales

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