आयुष्याचं गणित…

आयुष्याचं गणित चुकलय,
कागदावरती फक्त खाडाखोड,
स्वप्न अनेक रंगांची पण,
हाती येते फक्त तडजोड 
आटोकाट प्रयत्न होतो मग,
डावी नि उजवी बाजू साधण्याचा,
पावलं तर बरोबर टाकली होती,
आता भाग चुका शोधण्याचा
सूत्रं चुकली असतील कुठेतरी,
मनात शंकेची पाल चुकचुकली,
संधी नशिबाने दिल्या असतील,
पण पकडायची संधी असेल हुकली 
गणिताची प्रत्येक पायरी जेव्हा,
पुन्हा एकदा पाहिली तपासून,
कळले हि गल्लत सूत्राची नव्हे,
आकडेमोड चुकली होती हातून 
हाती वेळ आहे तोवरच,
संधी गणित परत तपासायची,
परीक्षा संपली, वेळही संपली,
नंतर हळहळ व्यर्थचि 
— @pbkulkarni

Lucky Charm…

Some called him beggar while some called him mental case, but he never cared to bother. May be because he was either not in his senses or was rather saint like to not bother about it. What mattered to him was he was getting fed.

He would roam around on the streets with no specific aim as to where he wants to go, he would just walk. Kids would be curious as to where his home was, where his mother was, why his cloths are not clean and in one piece – you know, kiddo questions. From morning six to the time when shops, restaurants would open, he would just roam – pointlessly. But the scene would change once it’s time to start the business.

Early morning one tea stall would come to life in some corner of some road. If the tea stall owner is lucky, he would see this “Tiger” (as they all used to call him) passing by his stall. He would promptly offer a cup of tea to Tiger, free of cost. Tiger doesn’t eat or drink anything that has a price tag, he can’t afford to. But if someone offers him something free of cost, he would just grin at the person, accept it and move on. The giving-to-Tiger wasn’t an act of philanthropy, it was rather selfish act. The tea stall owner would be happy because feeding Tiger meant the business would soar like anything. That’s how it was.

At times he would ask (or shall I say beg) for food or a cup of tea and sometimes someone would willing give it to him. The people, who knew that giving to Tiger was like hitting a jackpot, never objected to him taking a biscuit from the pack or asking for a cup of tea or even a onetime meal. Rather there used to be a competition as to who all get to feed “Tiger”. Those who didn’t know the “benefits” of giving to Tiger would obviously object and pay the price as their business won’t earn much for them that day.

Some believed in Tiger being the lucky charm, some were skeptical of accepting it. But as far as Tiger was concerned, he lived a happy-go-lucky life. He used to smile irrespective of the person giving him food or not.

P.S. – This “Tiger” was a real person and belonged to my town. I (as in we kids) and our predecessors have seen him strolling on the road. This might sound like a story but is in actual a true story.

Incendies – Movie Review

Rating: 4.5/5

What IMDB says – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1255953/



Disturbing, gripping, revealing.

The story starts from societal issue of the protagonist, Nawal Marwan, being a single mother and traverses through various emotions, hardships and stark realities of the world, her world.

The notary officer, for whom Nawal worked for 18 years as a secretary, delivers two envelopes to her kids, the twin brother and sister, after she dies of a stroke. One envelope reads “For your father” and the other reads “For your brother”. The kids are in a shock after they come to know that they have another brother. The boy, having hatred in his heart for their mother, denies doing anything with those envelopes and thinks of moving on with their lives. However the sister is sensitive and thinks of following the trail back to their mother’s past and dig the links as their mother’s last wish. The story starts from here.

The plot is set in an imaginary place named “Daresh”. After being impregnated by her lover and after her family comes to know about this, her brothers kill her lover and almost killed Nawal too. The grandmother somehow pities on her and asks her to deliver the child. The grandmother then asks her to leave the village and move to town, without the kid as she gives away the kid, the village not being safe for Nawal anymore. Nawal moves into city, starts working with University’s radio station, learns French but the desire to find the whereabouts of her child is still burning within her. With the same desire she starts tracking back her child and comes to know that the kid was given to an orphanage in South (a place dreaded to be full with extremists).

She then gets caught for killing a Nationalist politician and spends 15 years in jail. The movie talks about her sufferings while being a single mother, being away from her child, being in jail and being in a society so full with hatred and revenge. Her ordeal in keeping a secret, facing the torture and yet forgive the torturer, a shocking revelation at the end and above all be rational about everything is captured very beautifully in the movie. The movie also shows us what kind of world surrounds us and we have no idea of. See this movie to watch what a woman have to go through in a life in extreme situations and what being a mother means. Not surprised that the movie was nominated for Oscar in 2011 and has won Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Here Is Santa…


It’s Christmas and the world is awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus. Rather the world is awaiting gifts from Santa Claus. Some are lucky to have received the gifts (from the #SecretSantas) while some are questioning “Where is Santa Claus? I haven’t seen him in ages“. While there are some who wish people Merry Christmas, there are others who use lewd comments like “horny Santa Claus” and “slutty Santa Claus” and feel ‘kewl‘ about it.

Well, I will tell you where Santa Claus is.

He is out there, catering to the needs of REALLY needy kids and people, where he won’t be welcomed just for gifts.

He is cajoling the sad people and trying to pep their moods up.

He is roaming around the battered lives, trying to bring smile back on the faces who had almost given up.

He is in every person who cares for you and brings a positive change in your life.


This reminds me of some lines of a song from the movie “Swades“. Where Shah Rukh Khan says,

Ram hi toh ekta mein,

pragati mein Ram hai,

Ram hi toh karuna mein,

shanti mein Ram hai.

(Ram is there in the unity,

Ram is there in progress,

Ram is there in compassion,

Ram is there in peace.)

Ram bass bhakto nahi,

shatru ke bhi chintan mein hai,

dekh tyaj ke paap Raavan,

Ram tere mann mein hai

(Ram is not just in the followers,

but is there in thoughts of enemies too,

Oh Raavan, try discarding the sin,

And you will find Ram in yourself.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


January – The Past and Future…


To retrospect what’s gone,

To plan the upcoming,

To cherish the past and,

To expect better future,


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January reminds me of December, when I decide (firmly) to create New Year Resolution but seldom abide by it. So was the January of 2011. One winter morning in Delhi, feet mostly in socks, two layers of woolens and hot cuppa coffee in hand, I sat in the misty portico warming my brain with what resolutions I can create and follow. (I don’t have to mention it separately that most of them have gone for a toss :P)

  1. I kept a goal in front of me – To read 70 books in 2012 (I hate myself for reading only 15 😦 )

  2. Maintaining a Balance sheet of Personal expenses – I followed it for some days, but the intensity faded by the coming day

  3. Invest some amount at least in stock market – Forget about investing, I hardly had anything to even save 😦

I have managed to follow some resolutions religiously though, but not many worth a mention.

Sigh. Let it be. I think this year too in December I will create a Resolution – 2013 sheet and will try to follow it religiously 😛

The January 2011, specifically will remind me of Gurgaon. The chilly weather, fog all day long and bike rides in such a weather and the quilt I used to cover myself with to keep me warm. Also not to forget the “makke di roti and sarson da saang” – this still brings water in my mouth.

It’s almost December 2012 now. Time to look forward to January again, this time January 2013 🙂


Written for Months of the Year Challenge – Season 3

Smarty Pants – Do you know???

I just said “Smarty Pants” to someone.
And it got me thinking, what is the relation between pants and smartness? Just smarty is enough no? Then I did some digging on the internet and below are some of the results:

1. Urban Dictionary/Answers – A smart aleck, a know-all person.
2. Wikipedia – It’s a video game by Electronic Sports, released in 2007, featuring about 20,000 trivia questions.

But still the question remains unanswered. Why “Smarty Pants”? What’s the logic behind it? If anyone knows the relation, please to let me know 🙂

The film “Kshay” looks promising and the OST too is fantastic. Follow the links in the post and you will know everything about it 🙂


Music of Kshay

If you still haven’t heard about Kshay read this post (with preview track links)

I still haven’t seen the film and haven’t read the posts that I have linked above. Therefore what I write here is just the first impression of the sound of the film that left an impact on the mind after hearing the CD. The track names are mentioned in bold.

The thing about the first track (titled – At the first sight)  that will arrest you is the use of bass and violins. The composer doesn’t try to sound ‘grand’ at all. The mood and the feel is very ‘come lets see what is happening’ rather than ‘Let me SHOW what’s happening’!

Slow strings introduce us to the next track Home. The mood is slow and the keyboard in the background gently climbs up your senses and sucks you into the mood…

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To show a happy face…

There will be numerous times when you’ll be facing unpleasant instances or people. Many a times the smile on your face turns upside down. It’s very important to to keep yourself calm in such instances.

Your face is a projector of your inner emotions. If there’s turmoil inside you, it will invariably show on your face. The position of eye brows, nose, position of lips, your forehead – all will talk about what’s going inside you at that moment. Facial expressions were, since the beginning, more prolific carriers of emotions than the language. In fact before verbal language was invented, humans used sign language to convey their message. And major portion of that was made of facial expressions.

So, your face tells what’s going on inside your mind and heart. Hence while facing something/someone unpleasant, it is very important either to fake your expressions or keep your inner self calm. Keep your inner self as calm as possible, as if it doesn’t care what that instance or person has to bring to the table.

Let there be a colleague, who stabbed in your back, that you want to avoid or a some relative of yours who is as unpleasant as a crow in a love bird’s party, faking a happy facial expression for at least that moment is necessary. While saying this, I agree that it is not always possible to either avoid the person or instance or keep a happy face, but we can certainly train ourselves to do that.

My mom is not very good at maintaining happy facial expression in most of such occurrences. She is an outspoken and frank person. She exhibits the same facial expressions as her mind or heart has. Never faked a happy face, but then she has paid the price for that. In her era, being true was a very good quality. But now being very true and honest won’t get you anywhere. It’s the era thing which has changed considerably. The Kaliyug is advancing and so it’s characteristics too.

From so many instances I have learned to exhibit happy face even if heart or mind says something different. I agree that I have not been very perfect in maintaining a happy face till now, but I am evolving you see 🙂

Safar #Shair

पानी सफ़र करता है,

हवा सफ़र करती है,

मंजिल सफ़र करती है, राहें सफ़र करते है.
* * *

तोह फिर क्यूँ तनहाईयाँ,

और ये बेचैनीयाँ,

कुछ पाने की आस,

और ना मिलने का ग़म, दिलों में घर करते है?
* * *

सब कुछ तो मिला है,

और क्या पाना है?

कितने दिन ऐसेही,

मोह माया के पीछे, बेवजह झुलसना है?
* * *

जितना मिला उतने में,

जितना पाया उतने में,

अब मशरूफ रहना है,

ज़िन्दगी का मज़ा लेना है, बस सफ़र करते रहना है.
— प्रसाद.