My Recordings…

Yes, I am the official Singing Slave, I am a singer and a good one, no no not that I am boasting about it, my friends so say, so does my family. Infact every time there is an event I am asked to sing. Some days ago, I was asked to sing a romantic song for a friend, who wanted to propose a girl, now his girlfriend btw, and that’s when it struck me why don’t I help more people, I will sing songs to entertain them. I will sing dedications, from friends, family, lovers. You want to listen to a song, write to me on twitter @pbkulkarni or on Facebook and I will sing it for you in my next podcast, want to dedicate a song to someone, just mention their name and the song.

This page is dedicated to my recordings.

I also have a separate account on “SoundCloud” but sharing those songs on my Blog won’t hurt, will it? 🙂

Please listen to these songs. Your comments are most welcome and appreciated.

1. Dil ka bhanvar kare pukaar — a song dedicated to Dev Anand Sahab.

Dil Ka Bhanvar Kare Pukaar – Dedicated to Dev Anand Sahab


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