Readathon – 2012

Yes. I have introduced a new word to English. And that is “Readathon“.

Jokes apart.

I came across a blog post of Musings of a Bookshop Girl and then and there only I decided to take part in the readin marathon which she has proposed. (For more details about the Mix It Up Challenge she has thrown at you, visit her blog post HERE)

There are in all 16 categories which you can explore to take part in this marathon. According to your acumen, you can choose your level of participation. I will be tryingMixing Bowl (9-12 categories) as my level of participation.

1. Classics

2. Biography

3.  History

4. Crime and Mystery

5. Romance

6. Science Fiction and Fantasy

7. Travel

8. Poetry/Drama

9. Social Science and Philosophy

10. Journalism and Humor.

I will try fulfilling the challenge I have taken. And you will shortly see my reviews about the books I read.


Books and Review Links:

1. The Thirty Nine Steps

2. The Hungry Tide

3. The Reluctant Detective

4. Micro



2 thoughts on “Readathon – 2012

  1. Gotcha! I’ve changed the Linky on the original post – you’re right, on the widget itself it seemed to have some kind of bug linking you to the previous entry. All fixed now, hopefully – let me know if you have any more problems with it! 🙂


  2. elliepotten says:

    Hi Prasad! Three categories down in three months, nice going! (Unless you want to use THE RELUCTANT DETECTIVE as your crime novel and change THE THIRTY-NINE STEPS to classics, obviously… in which case you’d have four down. Any thoughts? 😉 ) Just dropping by to say hi anyway, see how everyone’s getting on, and wish you happy reading until my next visit!


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