My Girlfriend…

I have finally found,

That someone for me,

Who was along with me,

All this while but,

I didn’t recognize.

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Yes, I can call her,

My girlfriend,

Now that I know,

She’s the one,

Made just for me

 ♥ ♥ ♥

She never questions,

Where I am going,

She simply accompanies,

Wherever I go,

And be by my side

♥ ♥ ♥ 

She never asks me,

Why I didn’t tell her anything,

Simply because,

She knows everything,

I can’t hide

 ♥ ♥ ♥

She knows what I am up to,

Because she can read my mind,

Not just that,

She can read my Heart too,

Every single time

 ♥ ♥ ♥

She at times acts,

As a mute spectator,

Sometimes outspoken,

Telling me back,

What I did

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Sometimes she runs behind me,

Keeping track of my ways,

And sometimes walk ahead of me,

Keeping me safeguarded,

From the unknown

 ♥ ♥ ♥

You might be guessing,

Who she is, who I am talking about,

Well friends, she is,

My shadow,

My girlfriend

♥ ♥ ♥

Peecha (The Trail)… #aros


यही इसी राह पर,

देखा था उसको भटकते हुए,

कई बार,


ख्वाबोमे खोई हुई,

और मंज़िल की तरफ बढ़ते हुए,


एक दिन,

मैं भी उसके पीछे चला,

मंज़िल उसकी जानने के लिए,


नापे उसके हर कदम,

और मैं भी चला बहकते हुए.

True To Themselves… #aros

पर्दे को क्या पता,

वो ज़माने से क्या छुपा रहा है,

वो तो सिर्फ़ अपने मालिक से,

वफ़ा करना जानता है.


चश्मे को क्या पता,

आखें उसमे से क्या देखती है,

वो तो सिर्फ़ नज़ारोको,

आरपार करवाना जानता है.


Height In Love…

The two were walking by the side of the road. Rather the boy was walking on the road and the girl was on the footpath besides, but still the height matched. Both were so much into each other, they forgot about the world besides them living fully. The boy holding the hand of the girl and they must be talking about their budding love. The girl was at times leaning on the boy and the boy expertly balancing her leaning. She at times bent sideways to explain some things to him, personally. He was also curious to know her case and so tried to be on his heels to show the full attention. They were living in their romantic World; completely oblivious to the fact that World co-existed with them.


What the couple implied was that there is no height issue between them; rather there should not be any height issue in love. The couple was example that Love is Love and height in love is not at all an issue. Yes, what can be an issue is height difference in two mentalities.



A kid and surroundings…

It all started with just a thought. I have seen @roseplums (Cynthia) writing beautiful poems on Twitter. I thought why not play a little game at least 10 minutes a day? The game will be like this, one of us will write a line, a very abstract line and the other one will write something in line with the line. And thus we started this beautiful venture, a project of writing abstract thoughts as poems.


The aha moment occurs when a burst of recognition at one’s own intellect,

Tiny eyes,

A smiling face,




A child with his childish concerns,

And unknown to the world of plight,

It’s very true that ignorance,

Is sometimes a delight.


To see, to observe,

To pull in from the core all, that one can be,

Sparkling eyes, Confident stride,

Personality blooms,



To clutch at things,

Always curious about surroundings,

Zest to learn new things,

And always looking at the cloud


The cloud that threatens to fall and burst their hearts,

But we hold steadfast to their plight,

A healing path,

Lies before them


But suddenly they see Sun peeking,

From behind the clouds,

And they start a fresh, new claim


A claim, ownership of themselves,

Boundaries will placed,

They come full circle with all their talents,

Ideas and whims


They started to explore,

Then came to know the full capability,

They loved it and explored more,

Just for them


Just for themselves, then to share with the world,

Carefully guided to explore,

A new fullness within,

To capture and dream.

Best Friend…

Submitted to Thursday Tales

Thanks to Leo for the image.

Diary - Your Best Friend - Image By "Leo"


Have you ever smelt the brand new diary’s pages? The smell is awesome and filling 🙂

Diary is such a place where you can dump your emotions and still find them as you have left them. No tampering and no extravaganza of emotions. It is the closest friend one can have. You don’t have to be diplomatic, keep anything to yourself. Whatever your mind is thinking, you can tell to her.

And she will listen to it silently. She will participate in your happy moments; she will give support to your forehead when you feel like crying. She will cry with you and shed some tears. She will bustle with joy when you are happy.

You can sulk about wrong things happening to you and she will quietly listen, like an understanding partner trying to gauge your problem. You can tell about your dark secrets and she will keep it with her and not tell anyone. You can whisper about your girlfriend or crush to her and she will provide listening ear.

On a relaxed day you can go back to her and ask her what is going on? And she will open her tear drenched pages and narrate some sad part of your life or she will flutter her pages showing how happy you were that day. No friend can be as close to you as your diary can be.

Just maintain her. Keep her posted about things happening in your life and she will take care of the rest. 🙂

Abstract Thought…

Hello World.

This is has been a real real long time that I have blogged something. Because of my schedule I am not able to cope up with thinking and writing at the same spur of moment. But still I am jotting down the thoughts, so as to make up good articles in coming future.

Today’s post is about abstract thoughts and what everyone makes out of the statement. I guess, we all have come across some abstract thoughts at least once in a while. But that thought to one person means something else to other. Why does such thing happen? Because whatever we think, we have some sort of history behind that thought. That’s why the perception changes.

We have seen in many aptitude tests, that presenter asks a question “what will you say if I ask you to tell me about this black dot”? The black dot is just a pen nib’s touch on the cheeks of white board. But what one person perceives about that black dot can be drastically different from other. Similarly, abstract painting also is living on the same notion. Of Perception.

Today I am gonna pitch in a statement, which is an abstract one. And you guys reply me back quoting what you think about the statement. How do you perceive? The statement is as follows:

“To be able to keep the inner doors open, one should learn to keep the outer doors closed.”

Post your replies, pitch in with some extravagant thoughts and ideas 🙂