What is media upto???

Media….. The word in itself should bring rebel feelings, threat in wrong doer’s mind, justice to victims and entertainment. But today Indian Media is not serving any of these purposes. Here I am not talking about print media. The issue here is of Broadcasting Media. Why this is happening? Ever wondered?

There are various reasons for this thing to work in a wrong way.

1. May be they are not interested to show what is real.

2. May be they are just running behind making money.

3. May be they are under influence of some HIGH PROFILE person.

These statements stated above get distributed further into other factors. But this is the broader aspect of it. (I may be forgetting something or I may not understand other issues also, but its upto Masses to correct me, if I am wrong)

We all know that media is on wrong turn, we all know that something is amiss. But nobody does anything for correcting their faults. Because nobody is having time for all these things. But there is something wrong in this also. People like to watch all the crap things going on T.V. They always cry foul on these things. But no steps towards correction. My god, whats happening to our countrymen????

Just to have glimpse of how pathetic the situation is I will show you people some photos of India TV which I received through mail just yesterday.

After looking these pictures one can imagine how pathetic is the situation. These are some of the photos of the series. In my opinion this channel could not find anything better than this the whole day. Pathetic… 😡

Similarly, when Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was being relieved from hospital after his treatment, the NEWS was breaking news. It stated “Mr. Amitabh Bachchan came out of the hospital at 12:12:12 (thats 12 BAJKAR 12 MINUTE 12 SECOND)”. It is agreed that Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is one of the eminent personalities of India. Showing news related to him is quite obvious but making this kind of fuss will not be satisfying to Mr. Amitabh Bachchan also. Am I right Big B??

Couldn’t these channels see hungry people running here and there for their daily food. Couldn’t these channels see politicians playing foul? Couldn’t these channels find people asking help to get justice? I mean what these media people made of?? Aren’t they humans????

I remember watching a news channel on the day of Parliament . A well known person was interviewing mass of people. And he was not asking Open Ended questions that he should have asked. Rather he was asking such questions the answers of which he wanted from people. This is very ridiculous.

There are so many things to write about these foul plays. But currently I stop here controlling my feelings. And keeping something for you people. Hope this article will ignite some fire in your mind and you come up with something that will change Indian Media.


Prasad B. Kulkarni