Butterflies… #OctPoWriMo Day 6

Written for: “OctPoWriMo” prompt

It’s my date,

With a beautiful girl,

I try to forecast my fate,

My thoughts whirl,


* * *

It’s my interview,

My palms feel the sweat,

The job, the anxiety, all new,

Stomach feels upset,


* * *

I am at work,

I call mom, three times,

She doesn’t answer, feel of murk,

She picks and I hear chimes,


* * *

I plan to buy,

A car already in my mind,

Someone I tell lets out a sigh,

Was the decision blind?



— @pbkulkarni

Stark Questions – Awkward Moments…

It was another day on Facebook. These days I don’t come on Facebook much, but was there to upload pictures we took when we had a tweet-up in “Hard Rock Café”, Bengaluru. Now this article is about people’s mentality. Can’t there be a simple relationship of “Friends” between a girl and boy? Is it must that it should be named as “Girlfriend or Boyfriend”?


I understand the anxiety of knowing whether I am committed to someone or not, but then there are other ways of asking it. Should it be straightforward “Is she your girlfriend?” question? You can ask, “Who’s she” and if she is my girlfriend then I have no shame or reservation of keeping that a secret from world. Why would I be hiding that I have a girlfriend? Mark Zuckerberg has given me an option of showing “Committed” in Facebook status. Wouldn’t I disclose that?


It becomes awkward on mine and my friends part too when such questions are thrown straight into our faces. Guys don’t embarrass me and my friends.

1)     There can be a simple relation of Friendship between a boy and girl.

2)     And I am NOT committed yet. So I am single and ready to mingle. 😀