My life at B-School

Dear all,

I am into a B-school since last 1 and half year almost. There were numerous events and times which we enjoyed a lot. Those were the days which will hardly come into our lives in the future but only memories will live with us.

There are numerous things like Hostel life, Canteen food, Batch-B (thats my batch), Mumbai rain, Birthday celebrations, presentations etc etc…. the list will really go at length. But in short, the life at B-school is really an enjoyable event.

I was in Batch-B when i was in first year. We did various things togetherly. We did presentations, role-plays, various events like Independance day celebration, Birthday parties. We used to celebrate our batch mate’s birthdays like a major event. We used to do a contribution 10 rs. each and everybody contributed actively thus making the birthdays memorable throughout the lives. We used to bring cakes and snacks. Then any one class we used to perform the cake-cutting ceremony. Do all “halla-gulla” and “masti” and then distribute the cake in all.

Those celebrations created a bonding between us. The bond which we will never forget. Those parties brought us together and bonded us with Fevicol. No birthday was missed. and if we are going on vacation then we used to celebrate those birthdays in advance so that there will not be any feeling of missing out his/her birthday. Thus we never missed anybody’s birthday.

But as the bonding was becoming more strong and we were continuously celebrating the birthdays, a day came and we Batch-B people parted away. Untill that moment we were cohesive. But second year of B-School life appeared and Batch-B was dismantled officially, and not mentally.

We still are together with our souls attached and even if the members of our batch are not persuing different specializations, we are still together with our hearts. We are now thinking of starting our celebration spree once again. Because we dont want to miss on the opportunity we are currently having. As the days will pass we will enter into Corporate World and then the moments for celebrating with Batch-B members will be minimal. So we are thinking of banking on the opportunity and starting our celebration spree once again.

Hope the moments to cherish in future life will come to our life….


Hope we stick together....

Hope we stick together....