Where Did The Weekend Go??? #OctPoWriMo Day 7

Written for: “OctPoWriMo” prompt for Day 7


So many things to do and so little time,

Two full days, but they breeze past,

Like it was never there,

And their this ephemeral nature,

Gives such a bad feeling and name to Monday

* * *

You feel like painting, you wait for weekend,

You feel like playing guitar,

Play with its strings and soothe them down,

You feel artistic and want to cuddle with,

Those Origami tessellations,

And those paper quilling creations,

You feel like drinking the words,

From books you’ve bought but not read yet,

And yet again you wait for the weekend

* * *

The desires pile up and impatience bottles up,

On a Friday, it’s so near yet so far,

Finally the weekend arrives but,

The urge to sleep a ‘bit’ more arises,

The household chores suddenly peek from nowhere,

The hot cup of coffee is gulped in haste,

It’s a race against clock, who will win?

The half day gone, quarter weekend gone,

And the thirst is not quenched yet,

Impatience is replaced by lethargy,

Planned things never happen, you think,

Half of them will be carried forward,

Next time I will not plan anything,

Let things take their own course,

But yet again on the next day, Monday,

You start planning for the coming weekend,

You can’t help it, thinking at least this time,

This time the plan will fructify.

— @pbkulkarni

Book Review – Micro…

CategoryScience Fiction

Rating – 4/5

The book is not at all “micro” in size but the detailing is at such a “micro” level that we actually start imagining the micro as macro and shudder (at times). A fantastic and spell binding read, for sure.

The story starts with a very strange occurrence of events where 3 people are killed with deep cuts all across their bodies and no one has a clue what caused those deep cuts. The story starts taking grip right from the page 1, line 1.

A group of young scientists (From Massachusetts) are introduced to a budding venture named “Nanigen Micro Technologies” (a venture by a sharp as well as wicked minded Vincent Drake and intelligent and beautiful Alyson Bender). Eric, brother of one of the young scientists, is also a major part of this venture. These young scientists are asked to work for Nanigen and are invited to visit the office in Hawaii.

The visit turns out too adventurous. Eric is then murdered by Vincent Drake, because Eric knows too much about the black works of Vincent to be alive. Alyson Bender helps Vincent in killing Eric. Peter, brother of Eric and one of the scientists, comes across a numbing fact that his brother hasn’t gone missing but is murdered. And since that time he sets himself on the mission of prosecuting Vincent and Alyson. But the events take unexpected turn and they (all the scientists) are exposed to “Tensor Generator” (a machine that miniaturizes anything to micro level) and are then the small creatures left on their own in the wildness of Hawaii jungles, which are also lab to Nanigen Technologies.

The whole story henceforth of the scientists in the wilderness of those jungles, where they are even smaller than the fire beetles and ants, is indeed a spellbinding. You keep on turning pages one after the other and your eyes are glued to the pages. Nothing can take your mind away from the storyline until you finish the book, or let me say till 75% of the book is finished.

Let me tell you the reason behind why I said until 75%. Michael Crichton, as we all know, is the author of another such sci-fi novel which is even converted into a movie called Jurassic Park. Hence we know he’s a man of immense story telling capacity. So coming back to main point, Michael Crichton died before the book was finished, at around 75%. Hence another author, whom Crichton might have asked to finish the book, Richard Preston finished the book. The story telling methodology of both differs largely and hence you will also notice a shift in capturing capacity of the book. Nothing to take away from Preston, but frankly he’s no match to the abilities of Crichton.

But overall the book is an awesome read. The anxiety of fight between Micro-Scientists and the threatening, overpowering nature and its micro creatures is really spine chilling at times. My advice will be DO READ THIS BOOK.

Book Review – The Thirty Nine Steps…

The Thirty Nine Steps by John Buchan

Book TypeCrime and Mystery


I came across this book from a list of “BBC Top 100” books. Somehow I felt like reading the book and I started the process. I haven’t read any book from John Buchan, so thought I would try him.

Let me tell you in the beginning only. The book isn’t “that” fascinating, but still you can go and read for it has some nice old school English phrases and speech techniques. The book is a little fast at some point and a bit too much sluggish at the other. But it still catches your interest and you go on reading it. There is mention of some places in Early London. And if you are not aware of the different places (as I was not while reading it) you might find yourself lost in some paragraphs. But that doesn’t mean the writer should not choose the unknown places. What I feel is the writer wasn’t able to take the readers to the places he is describing in the book (at least he wasn’t able to take me there).

The story is a suspense story and revolves around one character – the protagonist, Mr. Hannay, who is pretty bored of his normal, dull routine and feels there should be some adventure in his life. One fine day, he finds himself amidst the life threatening adventure. A spy comes to his home (why, I don’t know. Why he chose Mr. Hannay is something I too couldn’t figure out) having some information that Karolides will be killed. The spy dies after some days and his adventure begins.

The running away from his home, being sought after fugitive and trying to find the solution while saving his own life – this is what the storyline is like. The book takes speed at some point and lags somewhere. But some of the incidents explained are really good and with nice twists.

But let me tell you frankly, if you are accustomed to read the suspense stories from the likes of Sidney Sheldon or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, then this suspense story will be a bit disappointing for you. Because these two people have upped the standards of twists and suspense so much that this story might seem to you like a normal one and you might say at the end, “Good Try at suspense story writing”.

At least that’s what I said 🙂