Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar…

This piece is originally in Marathi but I have also written 
it's English translation,after this Marathi verse. Please note
this poem/verse is NOT MINE.Please have a look at both. Thank You.


एक दिवस नाही, एक महिना नाही, एक वर्ष नाही,
तब्बल बावीस वर्ष, अख्ख जग त्याच्यामागे पागल होऊन राहत,
यश यश म्हणतात ते हेच असेल का?
---- माहीत नाही.
पण एका खेळमागे 'पागल' होऊन,
स्वत:च्या आयुष्याची तीन दशक समर्पीत करण --- यातच त्याच यश असाव.

तो शतक ठोकतो, अख्खा देश त्याची पाठ थोपटतो,
त्याच शतक हुकत, अख्खा देश आपल काम धाम बाजूला ठेवून त्यावर चर्चा करत,
यश यश म्हणतात ते हेच असेल का?
---- माहीत नाही.
पण यशातही त्याचा 'कान धरणारी' आणि अपयशात 
त्याच्या पाठी उभी राहणारी माणस त्याच्या आयुष्यात आहेत --- यात त्याच यश असाव.

त्याच्या सोनेरी कारकीर्दीचा त्यालाच नाही,
तर सम्पूर्ण देशाला अभिमान वाटतो,
यश यश म्हणतात ते हेच असेल का?
---- माहीत नाही.
पण सम्पूर्ण कारकीर्दीत त्याच्या यशाला, कर्तृत्वाला गालबोट लागेल,
अशी एकही कृती त्याच्या हातून घडत नाही --- यात त्याच यश असाव.

इतकी लोकमान्यता, इतके मानसन्मान, इतका पैसा,
आता तर 'विश्व-चषक'..
हे सगळ वयाच्या ३७ व्या वर्षी,
इतक्या मुद्दलावर फक्त तोच काय, त्याच्या सात पिढ्या आरामात लोळू शकतील,
यश यश म्हणतात ते हेच असेल का?
---- माहीत नाही.
पण कुठलेही मोहपाश त्याला त्याच्या ध्येयापासून दूर नेऊ शकत नाहीत --- यात त्याच यश असाव.

त्याच्यावर स्तुतीसुमने उधळायला शब्द अपुरे पडतात,
त्याच्या धावा मोजता मोजता आकडेही दमून जातात,
यश यश म्हणतात ते हेच असेल का?
---- माहीत नाही.
पण स्वत:च्या 'भरपूर' किंवा 'कमी' धावावरून तो त्याच यश, अपयश ठरवत नाही,
'कमी परिश्रम' हे त्याला त्याच अपयश वाटत,
कारकीर्दीच्या या टप्प्यावर 'अस वाटण' --- यात त्याच यश असाव.

क्रिकेट समजणारे, न समजणारे,
क्रिकेट खेळणारे, न खेळणारे,
त्याला क्रिकेट चा 'देव' मानतात..
यश यश म्हणतात ते हेच असेल का?
---- माहीत नाही.
पण आकाशातल देवपण मिळून सुद्धा
त्याची 'मुळे' जमिनीत खोल जाउन आणखीनच घट्ट होत आहेत --- यात त्याच यश असाव.

इतक यश, इतक यश,
की त्या यशाच मोजमाप करणही शक्य नाही,
यश यश म्हणतात ते हेच असेल का?
---- माहीत नाही.
पण एक गोष्ट नक्की,
'त्या' रात्री त्याच्या हातात विश्वचषक पाहून,
'त्याचा' आनंद 'आपल्या' डोळ्यातून पाझरला --- यातच त्याच यश असेल.


The English translation of above verse is as follows.

Not one day, not one month, not one year,
But for 22 years, the entire World goes mad behind him,
Is this what we call -- Success?
Don't know,
But this maddening run behind "one" game,
and dedicating three decades of his life to it, 
May be this is his success.

He scores a century, the whole nation pats him,
He misses a ton and the entire nation talks about it,
Is this what we call -- Success?
Don't know,
But he has got questioning people while he succeeds and,
supporting people while he fails in his life,
May be this is his Success.

Not only he but everyone envies his Golden Journey,
Is this what we call -- Success?
Don't know,
But not a single time he has acted or did something,
to bring shame to him or his country,
May be this is his Success.

Even this huge love from public, this huge accolades 
and uncountable money,
and now the "World Cup" too,
All of this at just 37 years of age,
So much of capital that, not only he but his seven generations,
can easily live off without doing anything,
Is this what we call -- Success?
Don't know,
But nothing, absolutely nothing, 
can keep him from achieving his goals,
May be this is his Success.

Words aren't enough to praise him,
Numbers aren't enough to count his runs,
Is this what we call -- Success?
Don't know,
But he doesn't measure his success in "too many" or "too less" runs,
but "failing to work hard" makes him feel beaten,
Such dedication even at 'this' milestone in his career,
May be this is his Success.

Cricket experts, Cricket novices,
Cricket players or just observers,
Consider him "God of Cricket",
Is this what we call -- Success?
Don't know,
But even after this Heavenly Godliness,
His roots are still deep under the ground,
May be this is his Success.

This big and huge a success,
Measuring his success in any parameter is difficult,
Is this what we call -- Success?
Don't know,
But one thing for sure,
"Our" eyes moistened when we saw "him" raising World Cup,
May be this is his Success.
Disclaimer: This is e-mail forwarded to me by one of my friends. 
Thought of sharing it here, So reproducing it here. 
The English translation however is mine.

Sweet and sour…

The day, 14th September 2009 was a sweet and sour day for me. Sweet for India winning the Compaq Cup against Sri Lanka. And sour for Roger Federer losing to Del Potro in US Open 2009.


India earlier in the day (in Sri Lanka) scored a throbbing 319 runs and stamped their name on Compaq Cup 2009. But then Sri Lanka showed some extravagant cricket and tried to come back in the game but failed to do so in the end. Sachin Tendulkar once again showed his class by scoring 138 of 133 balls and once again proved why he is called Master Blaster. Almost 20 years in cricket and the same, exactly the same enthusiasm he showed on his first international cricket match. Harbhajan Singh broke the important partnerships in the game and earned himself a stylish man of the game award. Sachin got himself getting the Man of Series for 14th time and man of the match for 59th time, mind you all this is also a World Record. Seeing India win again was very delightful.


But on the other hand, after some time there was men’s final of US Open 2009. It was very bad to see Roger Federer loosing after being so much close to winning it yet again. It was “So close yet so far” game for Federer. Federer could have won the match in fourth set itself but Del Potro showed some real class and outperformed the World No. 1. But I am happy for Federer for one thing that he did not fall easily as Rafael Nadal. Nadal was beaten in straight sets 2-6, 2-6, 2-6 to Juan Martin Del Potro in the semi-final match. Federer showed his class in the match. Though the man, Del Potro was trying to out-perform Federer every single time, Federer showed why he is World No. 1. But then luck was not with him, or rather Del Potro’s hard work outweighed Federer’s luck. But if one gives 100% to whatever he does then loosing or winning doesn’t matter much. When I was watching the game between Nadal and Del Potro I was a bit scared. I was thinking whether Federer will be able to contain this man, as a power player like Nadal was not able to. But Federer showed that Potro is not unbeatable.


Congrats to Indian Cricket team, Juan Martin Del Potro for winning their respective matches and hard luck for Federer. You tried everything Federer, but the day was not yours. All the best to Federer and I am sure you will be able to beat Del Potro in your next meeting and will take your revenge of defeat here on Flushing Meadows.

To Vijay Mallya with Urge…

Dear Mr. Vijay Mallya,Vijay_Mallya

I recently overheard your fight with MS Gill, Sports Minister  of India about bringing Formula One (F1) to India. You both had heated arguments on introduction of this sports to India.


I agree, as an Indian I too felt great about the success Force India got in Belgian Grand Prix. But to be frank there is only your money and Indian Tri-colour which is Indian in recent victory. What else was Indian in there? The driver Giancarlo Fisichella is Italian, the company with which Force India is having tie-up, Mercedes Benz is German and with all the technicians from don’t know what backgrounds aren’t even distantly Indian. So what was Indian in it to celebrate so joyously?


Giancarlo Fisichella

Force India










I heard you want to bring Formula One in India as sports, well is it feasible and practical? Is F1 a fit and healthy sports for India? Though almost around half of the people from India may have been watching F1, but bringing F1 to their doorsteps is pretty difficult and uncalled for, for following reasons:

a) It requires almost hundreds of billion dollars to complete a single rotation of the track.

b) It requires custom made roads or tracks which also cost hundreds of billion dollars. How can you think of building such tracks when almost all of India is running on potholes and patched roads. For the cost of building one such track almost all of Indian roads can get well dressed.

c) India don’t have that ability, expertise and technology that is required for Formula One. Adding to that Indian attitude is also not at par for Formula One.

d) Instead of investing so much on one single sport, try and invest in providing good facilities to boxing, swimming, rifle shooting. There are other sports too (other than Cricket) which need financial boost. Give that boost and let them win gold medals for India.

You are a businessman and will always look for that special something for yourself. You will always look for profit in every bit of work you do or think. I don’t know what and how much profit you have earned by bringing Tipu Sultan’s rocket launcher and Mahatma Gandhi’s South African house to India. Surely you may have got the lot of goodwill from people of India or rather the world. Also Indian people’s goodwill will always be with you as you provide them with liquor. But surely Indian people won’t want Formula One to come to India with them not getting what they need.


If you really want to bring something to India, bring:

1) prosperity,

2) enough food, shelter and clothing,

3) employment,

4) corruption free India,

5) development,




Prasad B. Kulkarni


Welcome to Soccer at DY Patil


IPL T-20 Fame

IPL T-20 Fame

Just today read the news article in Times of India saying D Y Patil stadium at Nerul, Navi Mumbai will be hosting I-League matches in coming days. Yes, your mind is prompting you correct thing. D Y Patil is the stadium of IPL fame. It held matches of IPL T-20 in the recent past.



It is good to see that Indians are looking at other sports with the same sporting spirit as they used to look at Cricket. Why only cricket is getting all attention? Other sports are also good. They also need certain skills. Is it that Cricket only requires skills?? I guess no. 


But as I have already said in my article on CHANKYA NITI, we are habituated to follow West. Cricket is not our game. We got the legacy from England. But we have mastered it. On the other hand, Football, Hockey, Wrestling are our games. But we don’t seem to have mastered it. We are far away from mastering them. We are so into Cricket that we forget other sports. Forget about people forgeting the other sports because we (people) have the habit of forgeting things very quickly. But how can Indian Government, Media forget about other sports? They should not be.


There are currently no takers for other sports in India. Recently only when Abhinav Bindra, Vijendar Kumar and Sushil Kumar got medals for India, India has wake up to those sports.


Pertaining to such a situation, we can say that D Y Patil has taken a good decision to host a football match. Atleast somebody is paying attention. 🙂

Indian Football League

Indian Football League



After asked about hosting Football match on Cricket ground, spokesperson of D Y Patil said, “If MCG in Australia being a cricket ground can host football matches, then why can’t WE??”


So this is a welcome call for other sports. And I hope this trend continues and we pay similar attention, if not more, to other sports also as compared to Cricket.


Prasad B. Kulkarni

ITM B-Scool,

Navi Mumbai.