The World Has Found… #OctPoWriMo Day 5

Written for: Day 5 prompt of “OctPoWriMo


The World has found, love towards Globalization,

The World has found, hatred towards humanity,

The World has found, ways to lose its charm,

The World has found, new leaders to screw the peace,

The World has found, some millennia back we were all united,

The World has found, God-men take us away from God,

The World has found, it’s important to come together,

The World has found, guns can be owned easily,

The World has found, human life has no value,

The World has found, finding life on Mars is important than saving lives on Earth,

The World has found, ego ranks higher than sanity,

The World has found, corruption is universal,

The World has found, there is a parallel Universe somewhere,

The World has found, the grass is always greener on the other side,

The World has found, love conquers everything,

The World has found, the World is finding so many things. 😛

— @pbkulkarni

Will A Vacation Help???

She really needed a vacation, to cool herself off”, said Isabelle.

That gives rise to the question in my mind and that is,

Do vacations transform a person?

I mean seriously, whether a short or long, do vacations transform a person? I don’t think. A good change of moods, stress buster – yea, that’s what vacations will do. But transformation has to be from within. Also it needs deliberate steps to be taken.

The next question of mine to Isabelle was, “Will the vacation change Maria’s attitude?

Maria always has these fights with her colleagues. Let the issue be a small one or big, doesn’t matter. It’s like her way or highway. She won’t budge even if her team mates intervene. She has this ego, attitude problem and she doesn’t require any reason to have fight with anyone.

If she doesn’t like anyone, she simply doesn’t like that person. No reasons, so explanations. You ask her what’s her problem with someone and she will give you some weird reasons, which cannot be reasons at all. But that’s how she is.

But behind her blasting mouth, harsh heart and intimidating attitude, there lies the insecurity. I think she is insecure about something. That can be because, she is still single and girls of her age are already in relationship or are about to get married. That can be because, she thinks that she will lose the grip on people and they won’t listen to her again.

Whatever the reasons are, the central question here is, will vacation change her attitude? I don’t think so. Because a small/big vacation will distract her mind from the day-in and day-out blasts she has. It will soothe her a bit, but the day she is joining the office back, the thoughts will again start lingering in her mind.

“I need to square things with her. My defense will be this. If she says something, I will give her befitting reply now”. This and sort of things will start running in her mind again. And in another couple of days, she will back to the square one. And the same story will repeat again.

What she really needs is NOT vacation, but change of attitude. And that needs to come from within. Then only she will be able to let go such incidents at work place and be a friendly to all.

Disclaimer: The character’s names in the setup are fictitious. But the setup, well, is very much real and true.


Let the rain of your tears,

Wash out your regrets,

Cleanse you off the fears,

and open new gates.


That drop of salty water,

flowing down your eyes,

has the power to make you laugh,

and not just meant for cries.


Tears may taste salty,

but are actually sweet,

they mow down your ego,

bring self-realization to your feet.


Don’t mistake the tears,

as representative of weak,

for they make one strong,

the transformation can be quick.