सोनेरी पहाट…

हरवलेल्या माझा मी ठाव कसा सांगू?
रुसलेल्या अंतर्मनाचा मी भाव कसा सांगू?
हरलोय अनेक डाव एक डाव कसा सांगू?
किती खोल रुतलाय हा घाव कसा सांगू?
# # #
सांगायचा म्हटला तरी कोणाला सांगता येत नाही,
कितीही वाटलं तरी भावनेला टांगता येत नाही,
मन मारून मला असा नांदता येत नाही,
पण नशिबाची लक्ष्मणरेषा सुद्धा लांघता येत नाही
# # #
कधीतरी नशिबाची पुण्याई पावून येईल,
दु:खामागे सुखाची लाट धावून येईल,
मनाच्या या गगनामध्ये आनंद मावून येईल,
आयुष्याची सकाळ सोनकिरणं लावून येईल
— @pbkulkarni

Move On…

Woman with luggage, image copyright Raul Lieberw

Pack them bags,

Just pack them and leave,

To a distant land,

Among unknown faces,

Untraced roads and,

Unmapped contours,

Trace the lines of your freedom,

Leave behind the clutter,

Open the mind to beauty,

Stand in the middle of a road,

Stare at the pattern,

Turn it in kaleidoscope,

Read, dream,

But don’t think,

Soak in the anonymity,

Brush aside inhibitions,

Go for a stroll,


On the seashore,

Listen to the waves,

Distant chirping of birds,

Just be there,

As if you are alone in the world,

No friends,

No enemies,

Cut the ropes holding you back,

Lurch forward,

Dive into the waters,

It’s okay if you can’t swim,

Reach the bed of the sea,

Bury your past there,

When you surface back,

Make sure you have,

A clean slate.

— @pbkulkarni

Camera v/s Human Eye…

Can camera capture everything??

Whenever I go to some picturesque place and try and capture what I am seeing, only one question pops out in my mind – “Can a camera capture exactly what our eyes see”? And everything I am justified in my mind and practically too that camera isn’t and can’t replicate what your eyes see in true sense. Mind you, I am using word “True Sense”.

Yes, I know, camera is just a device where there are 3 lenses (glasses to be precise), some of which are convex and some concave which invert the images at first, which when fall on retina to create a real picture. It is exactly as your eyes see, but ask yourself one question – is it really the picture you see? Is it the EXACT thing?

Your eyes see some things, close or distant. What you see through your eyes have different perception in your brain. Your brain analyzes what your eyes see with emotional touch and your mind perceives them accordingly. So when you see a natural scenery, your mind and eyes experience them emotionally as well as physically. But the camera just captures what is in front of it.

I have always found the pictures a bit incomplete when clicked than when seen by naked eye.

Best Friend…

Submitted to Thursday Tales

Thanks to Leo for the image.

Diary - Your Best Friend - Image By "Leo"


Have you ever smelt the brand new diary’s pages? The smell is awesome and filling 🙂

Diary is such a place where you can dump your emotions and still find them as you have left them. No tampering and no extravaganza of emotions. It is the closest friend one can have. You don’t have to be diplomatic, keep anything to yourself. Whatever your mind is thinking, you can tell to her.

And she will listen to it silently. She will participate in your happy moments; she will give support to your forehead when you feel like crying. She will cry with you and shed some tears. She will bustle with joy when you are happy.

You can sulk about wrong things happening to you and she will quietly listen, like an understanding partner trying to gauge your problem. You can tell about your dark secrets and she will keep it with her and not tell anyone. You can whisper about your girlfriend or crush to her and she will provide listening ear.

On a relaxed day you can go back to her and ask her what is going on? And she will open her tear drenched pages and narrate some sad part of your life or she will flutter her pages showing how happy you were that day. No friend can be as close to you as your diary can be.

Just maintain her. Keep her posted about things happening in your life and she will take care of the rest. 🙂