Talaash – Music Review…

Talaash Music

Rating – 3/5 Stars

Recommendation – Should Listen


I think it’s my first time of writing a music review of any movie. I have done it numerous times before, but not on social platform. Among friends and some relatives having knowledge of music, I have analyzed songs and music in the past.

Somehow I didn’t write a review before, even on my blog. I have written reviews for movies, books but not for music. Everything happens for the first time 😛

So here’s my review for the music of Talaash. The music director – Ram Sampath – is a new face in the horizon of Music direction. Well, not very new because he started his career of Music direction/background score way back in 2003 (Let’s Talk). But his first mainstream film was Khakee (2004). Then he did Family (2006) and some other offbeat movies. But the major recognition he got was from Delhi Belly (2011). Though the movie was mainstream his music was offbeat and hence widely recognized. All the songs from Delhi Belly were hit at that time and played everywhere, especially in the marriages 🙂

In 2012, he also gave music for a TV show by Aamir Khan, Satyameva Jayate. (Remember the title song?) And the next stop was Talaash, a movie again by Aamir Khan Production (along with Excel Entertainment of Farhan Akhtar).

Considering his work in Delhi Belly, I would say this music is very different and unique to the theme of the movie. Basically Ram Sampath has potential of becoming a good Music Director, unlike some other Music Directors who fail to bring uniqueness to the music and deliver EXACTLY SAME music for their almost every film. I will be looking forward to upcoming movies by Ram Sampath.

Talking about music of Talaash, it’s unique and holds true to the theme of the movie. Every track has different story behind it and music of the every song aptly collides with the mood of the song. All the lyrics are awesome and so meaningful, kudos to the lyricist(s). Below are the songs from the movie, in order of my liking.

1. Hona hai kya – Ram Sampath

The music of this song reminded me of the ‘chasing’ track of Don 2. It has so many similarities. Ram Sampath has done good job. He has maintained the ‘don’t know what’s going to happen next’ tone while singing.

What I liked – lyrics, Ram Sampath’s voice.


2. Muskaanein jhoothi hai – Suman Sridhar

This song fits the situation in the movie perfectly. I mean to the overall mood of the movie. The song has that mysterious feel. Suman Sridhar has done a fab job. Ram Sampath has given very good music for this song. The shrill voice at the end of the song adds to the beauty of the song and builds an environment.

What I liked – Lyrics, music and Suman’s voice.


3. Jiya Laage Na – Sona Mohapatra, Ravindra Upadhyay

Sona Mohapatra has a typical voice. Her variations sound very similar. This song seems jazzed and pepped *Abhi nahi aana sajna*. No doubt the song is beautiful. Just to highlight the fact, When Sona sings *tum bin mora*, the words seem distant. But when Ravindra Upadhyay sings the same words, they don’t sound so distant. May be the music at both the times are different, hence the feeling of difference, but nonetheless it is visible.

Ravindra while singing low notes sounds like Ram Sampath, while at the time of singing high notes he sounds like Sukhwinder.

What I liked – Lyrics, Ravindra’s voice.


4. Jee Le Zaraa – Vishal Dadlani

I feel Vishal here tried to sound like James. He tried to bring the husky tone while singing, which no doubt has added a bit of weightage to the song. The starting piece of the song is catching. The beat it adds to the tempo of not just song but the movie too is interesting.

What I liked – Music, Lyrics.


5. Laakh Duniya Kahe – Ram Sampath

I feel that the bass guitar and treble in the song are a bit loud for such a song. Sometimes Ram’s voice feels subdued under the bass guitar. But having said that, the loudness in the music helps the mood of the song at some points. It feels like the character is trying to bring back the energy into himself, revitalizing himself.

What I liked – Lyrics.

Bangalore – Either You Leave Office Early or Late…

Yes, in Bangalore either you leave the office early or late, but never on time 🙂

There can be n number of reasons why you would want to leave your office early or late, generally when you work in Bangalore. The pattern generally depends on whether you are married or bachelor. I would quote the obvious reasons for these conditions in this article.

If you are married then you would leave early, say at around 05:30 PM. And if you are bachelor, it is exactly other side of it, you will stay back some time and then leave at around 07:30 – 08:00 PM. Now the reasons behind both the occurrences and situations are same, not so surprisingly.


1)      The most common reason behind this is you don’t want to see or hear yourself ranting about traffic by standing still at one point for about half an hour. That would be complete waste of energy, isn’t it? Vehicles move inch-by-inch in Bangalore from 06:00 – 07:30 PM.


2)      The other most probable reason being, “it might be raining in Bangalore”. Because every alternate day, it rains here in Bangalore irrespective of the season. So you would not want yourself to be traffucked and then get drenched.


3)      Third reason is your boss leaves early because he wants to spend some time with his family. So you think “why not stay late and surf internet in office?” Because generally offices have high speed internet connection. Now the thing is that, most of the sites you would otherwise wanna surf like Facebook, software downloading sites and Social Networking sites are blocked in almost every office, but still you can surf the reading material there with coziness.


4)      Fourth reason is, either your girlfriend or your wife (yea, that’s also a possibility) works in your office only or some other office and will be joining you while heading home. Then also you might stay a bit late.


5)      Another common reason can be you are heavily loaded with work and your boss has asked you not to leave the office until you finish the work. In such circumstances it becomes inevitable, though without any choice, to stay back in office and finish up the task.


6)      If you like to drive on semi-empty roads and like to drive with above average speed, then also you might stay back a bit and leave office at around 07:15 PM. That time most of the roads start evacuating and you won’t get much traffic then. And you get license to drive at the speed of 70-80 Kmph.


There can be other reasons too but then these are pretty much the highlights of general trends in Bangalore.

Falling Fertility Rate in India…

One of the boons for India in recent times is “Falling Fertility Rate”. Though this is a boon for India the reasons behind this falling fertility rate should be understood. I read one article about falling fertility rate globally in Indian Express today. The reasons written there were apt for global view but were somewhat less as compared to India. So I thought of enlisting some more reasons those are responsible for falling of fertility rate in India.Fertility rate

1) For almost all of the 20th Century (that is 1900-2000) an average single family wanted a baby boy instead of baby girl. So they had babies till they bore baby boy. This was until 1970’s. The in-laws were also particular about having baby boy than baby girl. This caused a huge difference and acted as catalyst in rising the fertility rate.

According to a book “Population in Asia” by Warren C. Sanderson and Jee Peng Tan,

in 1980-1988 fertility rate in India fell from 4.4 BPM (Births Per Mother) to 4.0 BPM. Again in 1988-1991, fertility rate fell from 4.0 BPM to 3.6 BPM. Thus on as average, the total fertility rate fell by 0.05 births per year between 1980-88, and more than twice as fast, 0.13 births per year between 1988-91.

Thus we can see that as the mindset has changed towards having any baby than particular baby boy. Thus taking the fertility rate further down to current 2.72.

2) People in India are becoming more career oriented now-a-days. So they are happy with even a single child so as to balance their work and family life. Even a single baby is enough for them to take care of.

3) As economy is emerging fast and its becoming hard to cope up with the pace of economic boom and competition, people are more and more drifting towards the mindset of having less children.

4) With increasing stress and work load, health of people is deteriorating rapidly making them physically less fit to bear more than 2 children. Not that they are expected to bear more than 2 children, but they find themselves incompetent. Less physical capacity and aftermaths of having a child has made it more complex thus dragging the fertility rate down.

5) In India, education is becoming more of a premium thing than the basic need. With even nursery schools asking payment up to Rs. 20, 000 and more per year, education seems to be for privileged only. It’s becoming more and more difficult for parents to educate their children and that too in some good school and college. That’s why current mantra of parent’s is “Less the number of children, more is the probability of educating them properly” thus bringing the fertility rate further down.

6) Also marriage of a daughter is becoming an one-time affair unlike in the past. So people think of making it more valuable and memorable. So “Less the number of children (especially girl) the more the probability of making her marriage more valuable and memorable.” This can also be one of the reason why the fertility rate in India is falling down.

These are some of the reasons of dropping fertility rate in India. Well the dropping fertility rate is really a boon and as people say “Nature takes care of it’s balance”, nature here is taking care of rising population.

Currently India is at 82nd number with rate at 2.72 BPM.

The rival China is at 157th number with rate at 1.79 BPM.

The fertility rate in India has reached to Replacement Rate so I reckon this rate should continue with a slight modification on the negative side.