February – Sour n Sweet Memories


10 February 1995

The fateful day when I lost the sky from over my head. And I was too young to understand the consequences of this loss. Over the years, time has made me realize the intensity of this loss. But time has also cooked me, in his absence, to be like him. I am still in the process and myriad things yet need to be imbibed for me to be like him.

It’s been over 17 years now that my father is not with us. But I still remember playing cricket with him in the front yard as a kid. He bought me the whole cricket set and he used to play with me. He taught me Sanskrit, Bhagvad geeta, singing (though it’s hereditary) and showered huge love on me. I have some traits and mentality, which mom says I have picked from him.

A silver lining (optimistically and positively) amongst all this gloomy past is my mother has been the best father a woman could be. In fact a tad bit better. So I would say I had 2 layers of sky above me. Even though I lost one layer, the other layer has been tough like 2 layered sky since then.

1 February 2010

The day I started the journey towards having a sweet and awesome friend. It was January 2010 when I asked her what’s her birth date. At first she refused to tell me anything about it. After conversing for some time, she reluctantly agreed to let me know her birth month – February. I still tried to prod the path and know the birth date, and she was like “You will come to know”.

I even tried to threaten her by saying “If you don’t tell me the birth date, I will wish you for the whole month (on Twitter)”. She didn’t fall for this either and instead was very happy at the prospect of getting wished for the whole month. 😛

On the 7th day of February, she told me it’s her birthday and I can stop wishing her (as I now know the date) if I want. I kept my word and wished her for the whole month anyway 🙂

She then went on to became my very good friend and the saga of friendship grew stronger.



14 February

Another thing about February is “Valentines Day” – the month when cupid injects the love potion into the some and increases their bodily temperature. Sadly whatever bodily temperature increase has happened with me was self injected. Cupid couldn’t find me up until now to inject his magic potion. Sad but true. Hope in the coming Februaries cupid find me 😛

21 February

Marathi is my mother tongue and I am very much proud of it. Now you will ask me what’s special in 21st February? And why I should be proud of my mother tongue. Well, UNESCO on 17th December 1999 declared that 21 February be “International Mother Language Day“.

February is thus a sour and sweet month for me…


Written for Month Of The Year Writing Challenge – Season 03


In The Alternate Universe…

Somewhere in the alternate universe,

I think my father is still there,

Old however than I have seen him,

When I last saw him, sixteen years back.

 * * *

The other universe, more advanced,

Must have found the cure for Cancer,

He must have got treated for,

And he must be living happily.

 * * *

Happily with me and my mother,

Of the alternate universe though,

But I am happy that he has sustained,

The scars of Cancer and love of fate

* * *

I find solace in the fact that,

He must be looking at me from,

A window somehow and has seen,

Me grow against all odds

 * * *

He must have seen how brave,

My mother had been without him,

To have gone through the hell,

And still come up victorious.

* * *

Today he must be telling everyone,

There in the other side,

How proud he is of his child, and

Must be showering his blessings on me

* * *

Somehow I’m not able to see the window,

Through which he is watching me,

But don’t be think God is here,

Though we can’t see him?

 * * * * *


This poem is inspired from an episode of “Fringe”. Somehow I could relate to the story the other way round. I still feel, my father is watching me from top there and showering his blessings on me.

Woes of A Father…

He pulled the kid close to him. There was an urge of a father in pulling the kid. The kid too willingly went into the arms of that person and hugged him till his small hands could reach. The man held the kid with one hand and maneuvered the road blocking rod with other hand. He uses the spot under the tree shadow to make himself safe from beaming Sun rays and dry heat.

The kid was now trying to get rid of from the clutches of that man and run or move wildly on the road. And the man saw danger in it as he was blocking the internal road from the main road, and if the boy runs of main road he might hurt himself. But the kid was oblivious to the facets of manic traffic on the road and etiquettes to follow.


While trying to keep the kid in the clutches the expression on father’s face changed. It was clear from his expressions that he was feeling proud as well as worried about the child’s future. Proud for the reason that the kid found himself as a student in some local playschool and worried because he earned meager salary to fulfill the household necessities and his child’s education. Proud because he felt he is doing the right thing by working hard and earning money for his family. He is treading the right path and has not involved himself in some wrong ways of earning money. This was his hard work’s money, but worried because his daily job was to guard the internal road from main road traffic. He was now thinking, when my son grows and goes to school, will telling my job profile bring shame in him??


Missing one of my guardian…

Its been 15 years (yea, almost 15 years) that I don’t have my father around. I lost him to Cancer. But I was very small to suffer any impact of the loss. My mother never allowed the feeling of not having him around creep into my life. I owe a lot (which cannot be equaled even if I invest my whole 81 rebirths combined) to my mother.


But as I grew up and was able to understand things, whenever I used to see my friends holding hands of their father, I felt why the God was so unfair with me? But then life has taught me various things (of course the hard way) through this sufferings. May be God wanted me to be bold, brave and responsible; thats how I take this.


But today, I am suddenly feeling the void. I am here in Bangalore, Karnataka which is my father’s birth state; searching for an accommodation and currently in a nomadic situation. If my father would have been alive today, he would have come here with me, talked with the people in Kannada and I wouldn’t be in this situation. (Its different thing that Kannada language didn’t hamper my accommodation status, but still was case to be considered)


Don’t know what else to say, but I am missing my father so much. He was my savior, guardian and the best pal (from as far as I know).