“Two Friends” [Conversations]

One Friend:

How about living a thoughtless day,

forget the nuances and just be away,

no tears, no fears, no smile on face,

no fights, no love and no grimace?

Other Friend:

If no tears and no smile on face,

then the life will be such a disgrace,

thoughts and nuances build us from within,

without them the life won’t just begin.

* * *

One Friend:

For a day let’s not have any friends,

I don’t want someone who just pretends,

no parents, no siblings, just all alone,

do what you want, that should set the tone.

Other Friend:

Life is all about friends, parents and siblings,

in life’s unending space, they are the fillings,

don’t listen to your brain, you are being misled,

without all this, you are simply a living dead.

Book Review: This Is All I Have To Say…

Book is of 93 pages only but takes 2-3 reading to understand it fully and a life time to experience and preach something like what “Swapan Seth” has written in this book.

Right from Love, Failure, Money, Leadership to Parents, God and Moral things, Swapan has whole heartedly pin pointed his take on everything. As Tarun Tejpal has to say about the book, “The stuff every parent would love to tell their children”, this is really a good book to read. I have felt myself saying “This is what my mother says to me” while reading the book. More than philosophy, Swapan has actually lived these lines in his books. (This is what is my understanding) because my mother is not very philosophical kinds but she has seen the world outside and has lived the hard and sweet times, so its more of a experience talking than the philosophy 🙂

Major one liner in the book will make it clear why this person is so successful in Advertising industry. And those one liners are not just elegant to read but deep in thinking or as he says Graceful. Swapan has pin pointed the exact feelings of your heart. You may not be able to express it and Swapan does that job for you. You read some lines and you go, “Whoa! This is exactly what I feel or this is exactly what my parents tell me”. Swapan has managed to say it more gracefully and articulately what our ancestors said long back. He gives some examples from his own life in every chapter of this book and makes it more lively and touching.

This is a must possess and must read book. It’s worth every penny. Your mindset will change next time you come across certain situations, that’s for sure.

Instant Connection… #aros

Recently I was chatting with a friend of mine, for the first time, and I felt like I know her since pretty long time. The comfort zone between us was inexplicable.

At times you feel such connection with some people. You meet them very first time and you feel the instant connection. You feel like this is the friend I was searching. You come across so many people day in and day out, but there are only few with whom you feel this Instant Connection. And I term it as,

“Love at first sight in Friendship”

Yes. Love at first sight in friendship. I do come up with such phrases every now and then. I should get this phrase patented now 🙂

The point being, you do come across some people and you feel why they weren’t in our world before?? At times the connection felt is so strong that you feel like sharing your feelings with them. And they in turn do the same too.

If someone has felt this ever, please cherish it. These are the small joys which we need in our lives to make it more lively and happening. And if someone has not come across this feeling, hang on for some time; you will also come across such person with whom you will feel “Love at first sight in Friendship”. I have been blessed with some certain friends.


Since some months now, I am following Twitter like anything. I guess there are evolution phases of “Social Networking” that we have seen since some years now. First to show his spread was “Orkut”, then came “Facebook” and the last one was “Twitter”. Though one can say that Twitter and Facebook entered the social networking game at almost similar point.

But let me tell you frankly, once the social network grows the need to be in contact with the friends and pals keeps on increasing. And so does the need of keeping it simple and yet elaborate. In this regard what I have found is, Orkut is becoming obsolete from Social network. When you are new to networking, you choose Orkut. Then once you become pro, you choose Facebook and when you become master, you choose Twitter. Some may disagree with me, but this is my perspective.


Anyways, I am getting distracted from my subject and need to come back to point.

Yesterday while leaving office, I saw a tweet mentioning a tweetup meet at certain place. I thought why not join them, as I am new to this city I will get to know some people and hence my social network will grow. Let me tell you, building a social network in cities like Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi is becoming more and more important.


So I replied to that tweet asking when and where the meeting is going to be. She told me the address and timing. After coming from office, I hurriedly got fresh and went for the meet. Somehow found the place in 20-30 minutes and there I was, chatting with them in a coffee shop.


That was an awesome experience I had recently. Meeting total strangers is a thrill one should experience every single day. The more you meet strangers, the more meaningful your life becomes. You come to know about different aspects of life and you can introspect and establish what you have and what you need to have in your life.



Special Note: I hereby thank “Satyadarshini Sharma” { @sandtree – Twitter } for making me realize the beauty of sharing small things and making way out for emotions. Recently I was experiencing myriad things (good and bad both) but never shared them on this blog. But after reading her blog http://satyakadarshan.blogspot.com I realized how much I was missing the fun. Thanks again Satyadarshini ji 🙂

HR, Heaven and Hell…

One day while walking down the street, a very successful Human Resource Manager (HR Manager) tragically hit by a bus and she died. Her soul arrived up in the heaven where she was met at the Pearly Gates by St. Peter himself.

“Welcome to Heaven” greeted St. Peters. “Before you get settled in though, it seems we have a problem. You see, strangely enough, we’ve never once had a Human Resource Manager make it this far and we are not really sure what to do with you.”

“No problem, just let me in”, said HR Manager happily.

“Well, I would like to, but I have higher orders. What we’re going to do is, let you have a day in HELL and a day in HEAVEN and then you can choose whichever one you want to spend eternity in ” cleared St. Peters.

“Actually, I think I have made up my mind and I will settle in Heaven only” said the HR Manager firmly, but just to get rejected.

“No no, we have rules here. And as per the rules, you will have to do a day in Hell and Heaven respectively and then decide. You can not bypass the rules” said St. Peters.

HR Manager had to agree to that and was escorted to an elevator which went down, down and down towards Hell. Door opened and she was mesmerized to see lush greenery every where and a golf course. She also saw a club and was happy like hell. There were many of her colleagues and people who worked for her. They were all dressed up like it was party of some sorts going down there. They all were happy to see the HR Manager in hell. They all hugged her and some kissed her hand to show the gratitude and happiness. The HR Manager was very happy to see such a welcome from them. There came Hell’s chief and asked her to come in hell and make herself comfortable. She enjoyed every minute of the day playing golf with her friends. In the evening, she boozed in the club like there was no tomorrow.

But eventually the time slot made available to her came to an end and she was asked to travel back to heaven. She was not feeling like leaving hell, but rules oh rules. She again got into that elevator and the elevator went up, up and up to heaven. When the door opened to the heaven, she was walking on the clouds and fairies all surrounded her. All day long she was just singing and dancing with fairies. Time flew like wind and here she was again infront of St. Peters.

“Well, now that you have lived both in Hell and Heaven, which one you choose?” asked St. Peters.

“Well, to be frank, I enjoyed it here in Heaven but, I felt like spending my time more at the hell than in the heaven. So I will choose Hell over Heaven” said firmly the HR Manager.

As per her choice, St. Peters again sent her to the hell. As the door of elevator opened, she found herself standing in a desolate wasteland covered in garbage and filth. She saw her friends were dressed in rags and were picking up the garbage and putting it in sacks. The devil came to her and put his arms around her.

” I don’t understand” stammered the woman, “yesterday I was here and there was a golf course and a country club and we ate lobsters, we danced and had a great time. Now all there is garbage and wasteland and all my friends look miserable”.

The devil with a devilish smile explained to her, “yesterday we were recruiting you. Today you are an employee“.

This is a corporate scene everywhere and this story was mailed to me by a friend of mine. Hope you all will like this story.

Flash Forward – A new series on ABC…

While scanning through a torrent site in search of some good TV serials I came across new series named “Flash Forward“. Actually after finishing “Friends” and “Prison Break” long back I was thinking of watching some other series. But was not having time so could not see them. That’s the reason I was searching for some new series on air and came across this series through btjunkie.org.

Now coming back to this series, the series starts with one of the lead actor trying to come out of his car with some yanking and blinking noise in the background. The series is all about people blacking out at exactly the same time world wide, adjusting the local time zones. The black out spanned for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Initially the black out looked chaotic and hazy but then after some investigation and experience sharing, FBI agents come to know that people have fore-visioned 29th April 2010 that is 6 months in advance.

Flash Forward
Flash Forward

They then set up a website to compile the experiences and visions worldwide, compile various videos of webcams worldwide and come to know that there are at least two people who weren’t blacked out. The plot (at least for season 01) runs around three FBI agents, their respective wives and friends and two unknown identities who weren’t under the spell of black out.

The series is really going to flourish in coming episodes and is really handling a new and nice subject for TV series. FlashForward is a science-fiction television series currently airing on ABC. It is based on the 1999 novel “Flashforward” by Canadian science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer. It began airing on September 24, 2009.

I am so looking forward to see more episodes of this series.


Some days back I was in Pune. I was happy those days, actually when I am in Pune, I fell content and serene. Sometimes just staying at home watching TV, reading some book or having a chat with my aunt on various subjects brings me pleasure. And sometimes, I feel the urge to go out, explore different places and drink the nature’s beauty with eyes, meet my friends there.


On one such days I was thinking of meeting my friends scattered all over the city. One friend lives at one end and the other one reaching to the farther end. So meeting all friends at one place is really a rare moment. One day I was having the pleasure to enjoy that rare moment. That day a friend of mine, Satya was describing his recent encounter with a receptionist from some coaching class he used to go while preparing for MBA entrance exam. He was so juicy in describing the incident, a chat rather; to Mayur that Mayur had his eyes popped out of their place and mouth wide open in ecstasy. Satya was telling Mayur that they both have planned a coffee date in Barista and was planning what to say and what not to say in mind, and was explaining to Mayur.


I always out myself into listening position and never put forward my views unless asked for in such situations. That situation was also not exceptional. I kept mum and listened to all their conversation. But to tell the truth, I was getting bored with the portrayal. This is quite natural to get bored with such stories as they are not related to you. Satya was describing his 10th such encounters and I was not interested in it but stayed there and showed as if I was interested.


If anybody else would have been present there, he would have definitely thought that, “Satya is having so much fun man, and look at me, I’m not” with a sad face. But I am certainly not that type. I will never hurry into such things just because somebody else is doing this. I won’t think I am missing the fun. Because I believe in my destiny. And I know things happen when they are supposed to and when right time comes. I have experienced the “Destiny” thing in my life earlier also on various fronts. I know someone will come in my life when she is supposed to come. There is no point in hurrying into things, when those things are not meant to carry any significance in your future life.



Prasad B. Kulkarni.



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A surprise birthday party…


It was 11:50 in the night of 4th July, I was sleeping. I was so overtaken by the sleep that I forgot that when the clock ticks 12:00 in the night, the next second I would be one year older than what I was. But I was not at all thinking about it. The conditions brought my thinking to a halt. I was sick with high fever. The fever rose well above the normal level. I was sleeping on one side, pulling the rug well over my head to avoid any contact with the external air. The fan which used to rotate over my head was standing still, as if it was staring popping his eyeballs out and looking at me wondering what happened to me. The light was off, door was closed and I was totally unaware of whether there was anybody present in the room. In fact I didn’t have the consciousness to look for all these things.


In that hibernation mode, my brain was thinking or rather events happened earlier flashed in front of my eyes. I had come to this place called Kharghar for seeking my MBA course. The day when we all came to this place came in front of me. I was looking at all the faces I saw that day, my room mates, my neighbours and some of the pals with whom I was gonna spend the two years of MBA. The day 27th June is itched in my mind like anything. As the days passed, the page of calendar turned to the month of July. We all started to attend the classes from the next day itself. In July we came to know that we are gonna have trip to Lonavla for 2 days. We all were enthralled and curious to go to that place with so many companions. The date was set 9th and 10th July.


Amidst all these things, I was wondering what will happen to my birthday??? Everybody was strange to each other. It takes time to build some rapport. And days from 27th June to 4th July were not enough to build such a relationship. There was nobody out there who will be interested to celebrate my birthday. As everybody were new there, there was nothing like "tradition of celebrating birthdays". I was out of home and I was thinking why the joining date was this early??? Had they been started the college from 7th or 8th July, I could have celebrated my birthday with my mother and then joined the college. But now that choice was not there. With a sigh, I started to live my life there at ITM, Kharghar. I was thinking all this in my sleep and all these events and thoughts flashed in front of eyes.


Suddenly I started to feel some pulling and pushing. I woke up to see what had happened. The sudden change in the process scared me. I woke suddenly up and felt the heavy breathing going through my nostrils and heart. I took some time for me to come to conscience and understand what happened. After some time I understood that all my room mates and my neighbours were there trying to wake me up. I asked them what had happened. They all asked me to come to the adjacent room. I started to complain that I am not feeling quite well to walk and come there. But they were little pushy for me to come there. Gathering some strength I stood and started to proceed to the adjacent room. They all were waiting for me there. As and when I entered the room, everybody burst into claps and cheers, saying "Happy Birthday" to me. I was so overwhelmed by the efforts and celebration that I was not able to utter anything. My eyes started to show signs of tears.


They had brought cake for me by contributing some money. And they kept this act secret, and I was completely incognizant about all these developments. I was so touched by the celebration. I thanked everybody for such a wonderfull experience and making my birthday special, which otherwise could have been boring. They filled colors in my transition from 22nd year to 23rd year. I was not expecting any of such things happening with me. But, if its written in your destiny, its ought to happen. Really, that was real surprise birthday party. I will never forget this guys. Cheers to all room no. 3 and 4 of Shrinivas (where I spent my two years of MBA). I really miss you guys now. I really miss that special relationship we all shared.


Prasad B. Kulkarni



I’ve been quite ill-fated about the friends and friendship. I almost always lived by the line, “A friend to all, is friend to none”. But was that really my fault??? I guess I was destined to be like this. You will say that this is unfair to blame it all on my destiny instead of working on it to make some indispensable friendship. You may go a step further and will blame me for not being able to gather some real friends. But this is not that straight and simple.


I always tried to be a good friend to almost everybody. Call me anytime and I was there to solve their problems. But when it was my turn to seek help nobody turned up. Who’s fault is it??? I got hurt that time and now don’t have any regret but in the course FRIENDSHIP got strangled.


I had my group right from nursery to Engineering final year. Everybody envied me and asked how can friendship last this long??? But those friendships were always one sided affairs. Only give and no take affairs for me. Again who’s fault??? Selfishness was the only thing at the root of those friendships, but not by my side. They called me, I never denied to go. They came to me, I never denied help. They spoke behind my back, I never retaliated. But was patient and always at the receiving end. But I am still trying to keep those relations alive, the only thing I’m not interested in it now. I am just carrying it out for formality sake.


Again approached my MBA college expecting I’ll get someone who will stand by me in any situation, who will truly be my friend in need and happy times too. But again dissappointment is what I got. Here I have experienced some bitter sides of relationships. Here again I tried to get real close to someone, be real friend to someone, but fell on my face like never before. I still remember, I had seen a spark of good friendship in a girl, whom I don’t want to name. I approached her, tried to be real good friend of her. But alas she mistook me, took all my approaches in a wrong way. I’m not hurt, because I had expected this kind of turn around of issues in the course.  But the biggest loss here is not loosing a friend but is seeing a FRIENDSHIP getting strangled and maligned.


Here again, I saw some friends, or should I call them one?, who stabbed in my back by calling names and maligning my image. But that I accept as the prize from my destiny. Now I am not worried about getting a good friend, because I know nobody’s there for me. Really, because in this world REAL FRIENDSHIP is non-existant. What you see is the selfish version of it. I’ve learned to live with man’s real friends, Books, Music, Nature and Self. Except these there are no real friends. But I here want to make one point clear, even I am saying this all, I have got some good friends through the course of my life till now. And I really admire and adore them. And I wish they will be always with me in every situation. These good friends are very less in numbers but You know, I’ll again say I am living by the line,” let the friends be less in number but let them be good”.


I don’t want to loose these friends now and I know I’m destined to have them by my side henceforth. I hope they all stick with me.



Prasad B. Kulkarni