January – The Past and Future…


To retrospect what’s gone,

To plan the upcoming,

To cherish the past and,

To expect better future,


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January reminds me of December, when I decide (firmly) to create New Year Resolution but seldom abide by it. So was the January of 2011. One winter morning in Delhi, feet mostly in socks, two layers of woolens and hot cuppa coffee in hand, I sat in the misty portico warming my brain with what resolutions I can create and follow. (I don’t have to mention it separately that most of them have gone for a toss :P)

  1. I kept a goal in front of me – To read 70 books in 2012 (I hate myself for reading only 15 😦 )

  2. Maintaining a Balance sheet of Personal expenses – I followed it for some days, but the intensity faded by the coming day

  3. Invest some amount at least in stock market – Forget about investing, I hardly had anything to even save 😦

I have managed to follow some resolutions religiously though, but not many worth a mention.

Sigh. Let it be. I think this year too in December I will create a Resolution – 2013 sheet and will try to follow it religiously 😛

The January 2011, specifically will remind me of Gurgaon. The chilly weather, fog all day long and bike rides in such a weather and the quilt I used to cover myself with to keep me warm. Also not to forget the “makke di roti and sarson da saang” – this still brings water in my mouth.

It’s almost December 2012 now. Time to look forward to January again, this time January 2013 🙂


Written for Months of the Year Challenge – Season 3

Memories… #5Lines

Life is a bounty,

Experiences galore,

Future is it’s playground,

Present has already happened,

And past is just it’s memories.


Prompted at May Challenge Prompts 

Live in Present – What it means… #aros

Live in Present” – is the most overrated statement we make, according to me. What exactly do you mean by live in present?? We all live in the backdrop of future. Whatever we do is pertaining to our future. I feel we have taken Live in Present statement to a wrong direction.

Let us consider some examples for deciding how you want to live.

  1. You earn Rs. 30,000 per month and with various loan repays, ultimately you get, suppose, Rs. 15,000 in your hand. Would you simply “live in present” and go on a purchase spree?? Without considering your future pay outs and plans??

I guess the answer will be NO. You have future responsibilities and liabilities which need to be fulfilled. And if you simply live in present without thinking of future and spend those 15,000 completely, your future is bleak.

  1. Consider you are bored with your job so much that you want to quit the job and go on some long tour to some exotic place. Even considering that you have means to fulfill the dream of going on 2 month long vacation; will you consider quitting your job seriously?? The answer again will be NO.

Again thinking of your future, your family and responsibilities, you can’t just quit the job unless you find some other earning source.

I think “Live in Present” has a different meaning. It means, without worrying too much about future (which in no way means, don’t take care of future). In fact it means enjoy the current moment, cherish it keeping in mind what you want to be your future.

So “Live in Present” is actually a controlled effort to make most of your present without ruining your future 🙂

Expectations Theory…

When we say “expectations hurt and that’s why one should not expect from friends and life”, do we really understand the core of our future, planning and hope more importantly lies in the fact that we expect things.


You plan about tomorrow. You dream of being to some place, for working or for traveling. You dream about a girl and your future with her. You dream of your children and their upbringing, their careers. You dream not to have mid-life crisis. You dream to have leisured pensioner life. You dream to die without much of pain, neither to yourself nor to your loved ones.


What is this dreaming and planning, if it’s not expecting? You dream means you expect things to go according to your plan. Sometimes they go according to your plan and most of the times against it. But that does not mean one should not dream or for that matter expect.


Everybody expects. It’s just that some show the pain of getting hurt and some don’t. Some just rub it off and go ahead and some can’t. But that does not mean, the ones who can’t move ahead are wrong. It’s their way of dealing with things.


When I say my brother; sister or friends don’t remember me. They don’t call me. I get sad, I get hurt. I should not expect them calling me is ok to just say. But even after consistent efforts from me to touch bases with them, if the thing is not moving ahead, then what’s wrong in me expecting, “Why they don’t call me? Why my friends act weird with me? Even though I’ve been good with them all”


But being a human, one expects something or the other in his/her life. You are bound to expect things. So stop saying “Don’t expect. That’s just not Humane”.