Caution: Beware of CFL bulbs…

The statement itself is eye catching and headturner. But it’s serious matter. But don’t worry, its not that CFLs are eating more electricity but its eating health of human. People will turn their heads away now, but wait, dont only care about electricity. Care about Health also.


Yes, CFL (Compact Fluroscent Light) emits UV (Ultra Violet) radiation thats supposed to cause humans hazards. As per reports from HPA (Health Protection Agency), every one in five CFL bulb emits UV radiations. Now the obvious question is how to examine and understand whether the CFL bulbs emits UV or not. SO the test is simple,

“If while burning, the shape of the coil is visible oe can come to conclusion that the concerned CFL emits UV radiations.”


Now the another obvious questions are who will get affected, what or how much will be the impact and how to avoid that. Then to help you I am stating some points which will make it more clear this matter.

1) Persons coming in close contact with CFL bulbs are more affected. The closeness as defined by HPA will be distance less than 30 centimeters. IF a person comes in contact with CFL with proximity of 2 centimeters for one hour, then that person’s exposure is equivalent to sun exposureon a hot summer’s day.


2) And to avoid this, CFL should be kept away from 30 centimeters. 


But this should not deter families from using CFLs. Because CFLs save almost 80% of electricity as compared to conventional bulbs. And as in house, the CFL is way away from us. So there is no need to panic. But this is just caution message, for general awareness of people. Because there are around 10,000 people worldwide who suffer from ailments caused by CFLs. So beware.



Prasad Kulkarni

Navi Mumbai.