At A Gun Point…

Courtesy: Photo by Basir Seerat. Visit

Courtesy: Photo by Basir Seerat. Visit

At a gun point,

Hatred turns into fear,

A lie becomes a truth and,

Minute seems like an year

 # # #

At a gun point,

The house loses its master,

Heart skips the beats,

And the legs run faster

 # # #

At a gun point,

The tears run dry,

A frown turns straight,

With blink of an eye

 # # #

At a gun point,

Humanity ceases to exist,

The beholder becomes God,

With the object in his fist

 # # #

At a gun point,

The souls depart to hell,

The water runs out,

And dries down the well

 # # #

— @pbkulkarni

Note: This poem is dedicated to all those people from across the world who have live at the gun points, constantly.

The World Has Found… #OctPoWriMo Day 5

Written for: Day 5 prompt of “OctPoWriMo


The World has found, love towards Globalization,

The World has found, hatred towards humanity,

The World has found, ways to lose its charm,

The World has found, new leaders to screw the peace,

The World has found, some millennia back we were all united,

The World has found, God-men take us away from God,

The World has found, it’s important to come together,

The World has found, guns can be owned easily,

The World has found, human life has no value,

The World has found, finding life on Mars is important than saving lives on Earth,

The World has found, ego ranks higher than sanity,

The World has found, corruption is universal,

The World has found, there is a parallel Universe somewhere,

The World has found, the grass is always greener on the other side,

The World has found, love conquers everything,

The World has found, the World is finding so many things. 😛

— @pbkulkarni

Neighborhood… #aros

She took her hands to eyes and tried to swipe them off water trickling down. Some issue I guess made her lose control and cry. The neighboring lady immediately came outside and tried to console her. This lady was sobbing, so as not to attract the passing by people’s attention. The neighboring lady sensed her exposure to road and tried to cover her by standing in front of her. So that people don’t see her wet eyes.

I guess that’s what neighbors are for, to assist you in your good and bad times, to make your sufferings much bearable. In today’s world when we don’t know who our neighbors are this act by that lady moved me. Being in outskirts of Bangalore and it being kind of village only, this act was not utterly surprising but nevertheless it made me happy. Happy to see humanity still alive.